Darryl Yap: "If they think I'm bastos, then so be it."

Mababaw, bastos, pa-viral… these are just a few of the criticisms that VinCentiments director Darryl Yap has gotten since his short films Jowable and KPL went viral on Facebook. 

But the young director, whose long list of “irreverent” works have racked up hundreds of thousands of views, is not fazed one bit by the comments thrown his way.

For one, he isn’t even concerned about being called a bad example. 

“Never ko naman kinleym na I’m a good example,” he says with a shrug. “A bad example is a good example, dahil may pamantayan sila ng hindi nila dapat gawin.”

Watch the video for more of the controversial director’s views—and his reasons for casting imperfect, “common” stars in his viral films. 

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