WATCH: Cheesy Pick-up Lines with Gab Lagman

You already know him as Gio in ABS-CBN’s Halik, but there’s more in store for Viva cutie Gab Lagman! The 23-year-old newbie was studying nursing in Las Vegas when he decided to come home and try out showbiz—a decision that’s worked well for him based on his recent experiences. This April, Gab is taking on the next challenge of his acting career: that of a leading man in Tadhana Sucks, the very first installment of Viva’s romantic digital series Bitinflix. Starting this April 6, Gab and his leading lady, singer-actress Janine Teñoso, will take viewers on a kilig-filled journey of fate and missed chances over eight YouTube episodes. But before you head to Viva TV’s channel, watch this cute video of Gab first—we’re sure it’ll get you even more excited!