James Reid starts training for Pedro Penduko

Who’s excited for Pedro Penduko?

The upcoming movie, based on Epik Studios’ comic of the same name, will star James Reid in the titular role—a young Pinoy from the States who returns to the Philippines after his father’s mysterious death.

The film will be released in 2019 and will kickstart “Engkantos,” Epik Studios’ cinematic universe just like Marvel Studios and their interconnected films. The twist? Epik’s version is based on our very own heroes from Philippine mythology.

This means Pedro Penduko will soon be joined by films based on Totoy Bato; Bernardo Carpio; Osyana; and Maria Makiling, the last of which will star Nadine Lustre.

If all this hasn’t gotten you hyped up for the Engkantos project, here’s James Reid doing intense training for his upcoming role as Pedro.

Watch the video!

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