Ai-Ai delas Alas answers random questions from Pikapika!

VIDEO: Melo Balingit / Edited by Stephen Jan Cruz

VIDEO: Melo Balingit / Edited by Stephen Jan Cruz


Nanay Ai-Ai is back!

The funny actress, best known for her funny performances in the 2003 film Ang Tanging Ina and its three sequels, is once again playing a mother--this time in the Viva-produced musical film S.O.N.S (Sons of Nanay Sabel). 

Joining Ai-Ai in the movie are the members of hip-hop group Ex Battalion, who will be playing her estranged sons. In the film, Ai-ai plays Sabel, a woman accused of being a negligent mother—leading her to embark on a quest to reunite her family. 

Pikapika caught up with the comedic actress recently to ask her a few random questions--such as the biggest lie she's told, the superpower she wishes to have, and what her job would be if she didn't become an artista. (The answer might surprise you!)

Watch Pikapika's Random Questions with Ai-Ai delas Alas above!

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