WATCH: Alice Dixson relishes working with Aga Muhlach again after 30 years

The psycho-thriller Nuuk, which succesfully shocked the audience at last night’s premiere at the SM Megamall, is Alice Dixson’s reunion movie with Aga Muhlach after three years. 

The movie—beautifully filmed in Nuuk, Greenland—may not exactly be the sort of movie we’d want to see this handsome screen pair in, but the film captured them aging gracefully as actors, while still exhiding a chemistry found in younger pairs.

Alice sat down with to tell us how she and Aga wound up in Nuuk and why, besides Aga being her co-actor, the film is a “cant-say-no” project for her.

The well-crafted Nuuk, directed by Veronica Velasco, is showing tomorrow in cinemas nationwide. 


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