Marco Gallo answers Pikapika’s Random Naughty Questions

Marco Gallo is a reluctant sexy actor. That is, kahit na he has the looks, physique, and sex appeal—all elements that a sexy actor should have.


But for the right material, he doesn’t mind disrobing to some extent. Such as what he did in the latest Vivamax Original movie, Kitty K7.


He’s quite an erotic figure there and his mysterious character as a globetrotting photographer only adds up to his on-screen machismo.


There, he plays a character na seemingly allergic sa commitment until makilala niya ang ka-chemistry niya sa lahat ng bagay, especially sa kanyang wild erotic leanings.


But there’s a twist, of course.


But in Kitty K7, Marco proves that Viva has made the right choice in signing him up as his output in that movie easily elevates him to leading-man status.


See for yourself as Kitty K7 now streams on Vivamax.


But before that, watch our Random Naughty Questions interview first and get to know Marco more off cam.


Find out if he believes that shoe sizes are corresponding to the length of a man’s “you know”—he’s size 11, by the way; the weirdest thing that turns him on; and whether he has a name for his “package.”

Warning, his answer to one of our questions— “What’s the most flattering thing someone’s said about your naked body?”—may make your imagination run wild.

Just click on the video link above and find out.



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