Empoy Marquez Indonesian counterpart Dodit Mulyanto play Cinta Itu Buta word search

Dodit Mulyanto, the leading man of Cinta Itu Buta—the Indonesian remake of the hit indie rom-com Kita Kita—was in Manila briefly last week to promote the movie, which is showing in local cinemas starting today.

Besides visiting the Intramuros and meeting his Pinoy counterpart Empoy Marquez inside the ABS-CBN TV network, Dodit also visited the Viva Films offices in Ortigas, Pasig, where pikapika got a hold of him for a quick game of “word search.”

 We just listed words and names related to both the Pinoy and Indonesian version of Kita Kita, intermixed it with the alphabets, and asked him to find all 12 words by encircling each with a pen.

It took him 5 minutes to find them and and since he was still into it, he also encircled words even not related to the film.

Just like our Empoy, this guy’s got a lot of charm.

Cinta Itu Bunta—which direct English translation is Love is Blind—also stars Shandy Aulia. It’s shot in Busan, Korea (in place of Sapporo, Japan, the locale of Kita Kita) and is directed by Rachmania Arunita.


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