Writer-director Darryl Yap receives backlash for allegedly stereotyping single parents in latest short film; says he owns up to some “miscalculations”

Film director and writer Darryl Yap drew the ire of netizens because of his latest film, in which he was accused of stereotyping single mothers. Scroll down below for the full story!

PHOTO: @DirekDarrylYap on Twitter; SCREENSHOT: VinCentiments on YouTub

Film director and writer Darryl Yap drew the ire of netizens because of his latest film, in which he was accused of stereotyping single mothers. Scroll down below for the full story!

Netizens showered filmmaker Darryl Yap with criticisms recently, accusing him of stereotyping single parents in his newest short film KPL | #AYUDAmn starring VinCentiments actress Loren Montemayor Mariñas.

In the film, uploaded last Sunday, May 10, the character portrayed by Loren was squawking in front of her house, ranting how she has not received any cash assistance and/or relief goods from the barangay after a couple of weeks in quarantine.

In the middle of her heated dialogue with a barangay chairman, the irate woman mentioned how each one of her neighbors has received their help from the local government.

This is where the interaction gets controversial with the character making a remark that those who receive assistance first are those who, for her, are undeserving.

“Bakit ba kasi inuuna ninyo ’yang mga hindi naman deserving?” Loren’s character shouted. “Single parent, single parent. Eh, multiple ang kalandian niyan!”

“Multiple benefits niyan. Daming kabit niyan,” she added. “May ka-chat pang afam (gay lingo for a male foreigner)!”


Netizens, mostly children of single mothers, were outraged upon watching the video and voiced their sentiments on Twitter. They pressed how single mothers are busy working for their families, having no time to focus on their individual love lives.

They also accused Yap of stereotyping, presenting single parents as “malandi.”

Yap trended on Twitter the night the film was uploaded, which timed with Mother’s Day, with the bashing he received.


By Monday afternoon, May 11, the film director released a statement regarding the issue on the VinCentiments Facebook page.

Despite standing by the “provocative” and “unapologetic” brand of his content, Yap claimed full responsibility for the “alleged” stereotyping of single parents and for some of the “miscalculations.”

“My art is known for being crass, provocative, unapologetic. Throughout the years, I've managed to be consistent with my messaging, with my branding,” he wrote in the statement. “But the unapologetic nature of my craft does not necessarily reflect my person. With this, I take full responsibility of the negative impact that #Ayudamn, and its alleged stereotyping, might have caused the single parents of this world. I own up to some miscalculations.”

Yap went on, admitting that not all people would appreciate his “brand of art.” and stating its true intentions of provoking, sparking debates and controversies.

“Be prepared to be offended. Because it is precisely the intention—to provoke. That is always the risk that I take—the risk of being hated,” the writer-director said. 
“But I take that as a sign that my art is alive—it disrupts. You see, people are now talking about it. It stirs not only controversy, but discourse.”

However, in the end, Yap warned that his content would not tame down, despite criticisms from netizens, saying “Recklessness is an essential part of our craft. Political correctness is not our cup of tea.”

He added that he will not apologize for the hurt caused by the short film that is “taken by choice,” saying his role is to only explain his brand of art, not help people understand it.

Towards the end of the statement, Yap delved more into his works’ “haters” who have no intention to understand the message behind his films, but something else.

“They watch us not with the intention of understanding, but with the intention of misreading the message. They will find an issue, a cause that they can advocate at our expense,” Yap began to conclude in his statement. “They will fan the hate and accuse us of spreading animosity. They become the monsters that they vow to slay. They swallow the poison and expect us to die by it.”

Yap is the writer-director behind the blockbuster flick Jowable starring Kim Molina, which premiered last September 2019.

The film is deeply inspired by Yap’s short film of the same name which is under his VinCentiments short film series.

The series can be watched on Facebook and YouTube, with the former garnering over 1.9 million followers and the latter having over 1.3 million subscribers.

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