WATCH: Camille Prats gets pleasantly surprised upon discovering that her baby Nala Camilla might be a word wizard

Camille Prats is one proud momma to her little daughter Nala Camilla!

PHOTO: Camille Prats Youtube Channel

Camille Prats is one proud momma to her little daughter Nala Camilla!

Actress Camille Prats and her son Nathan were in awe after ‘teaching’ their baby girl Nala Camilla with words using flash cards.

The mother of three uploaded a new entry on her YouTube channel where she appeared ‘coaching’ her two-year-old daughter to learn words and identify photos on the flash cards she was showing her.

Nala, although she can’t read very well yet, identified almost everything by looking at the photo indicated in each flash card. 

In the video, Nathan, who can be seen at the background bawling his eyes out of surprise, gave hugs and kisses to his sister while Camille herself is one proud momma as she gave Nala complements everytime she got the flashcard right. 

Camille admitted that it was the first time she showed the flashcards to Nala that’s why they were so surprised that she can easily recognize the words and photos. 

Camille also shared a short version of the video via Instagram earlier this afternoon to flaunt her daughter’s new skills! 


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And everyone, in the comment section, were elated to see how smart her daughter is!


Good Job, pretty girl Nala Camilla!


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