[UPDATED] Carla Abellana’s dog Patches goes missing

PHOTO: @carlaangeline on Instagram

PHOTO: @carlaangeline on Instagram

UPDATED [12/12 5:35 pm] Patches has been found!

Carla posted the good news on her Instagram account earlier today. She wrote: God is good and he listens to prayers! A neighbor found Patches earlier this afternoon and took her with him as he asked around who she belonged to. Good thing we asked around too and found each other. As soon as he got home he returned Patches to me. Thank you, Enzo! And THANK YOU, Lord! 🙏🏻” 


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Carla Abellana is calling on kind souls to help her find her dog Patches.

According to Carla, Patches disappeared at 11 a.m. earlier today when she “escaped our house through our open gate.”

The actress asked people in the Scout Area-Barangay Sacred Heart neighborhood to keep an eye out for her lost pet.

She wrote: “I would always post photos of missing pets, dreading the day i would post about my own missing pet. PATCHES has been missing since she escaped our house through our open gate at 11am today.

“If you are from the Scout Area-Barangay Sacred Heart side, please keep an eye out for her. She is a small female Jack Russel Terrier who isn’t wearing a collar and is very friendly so it would be effortless to touch her and even carry her.

“Please help me find my PATCHES. Sunny is already starting to get even more depressed now that his one and only best friend is not around. I am willing to give a generous monetary reward to whoever finds her and brings her back home to me.”


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Patches is a six-year-old female Jack Russell Terrier with brown ears and spots. She was once featured in a Philstar.com article with Carla along with Carla’s other dog Sunny.

Carla’s boyfriend Tom Rodriguez also called on his followers to look out for Patches.


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