Stars you didn’t know were painters

PHOTOS: @pressmanissa, @derrickmonasterio, @akosimangtomas & @xianlimm on Instagram

PHOTOS: @pressmanissa, @derrickmonasterio, @akosimangtomas & @xianlimm on Instagram

Some celebrities search for another way to release and express their never-ending supply of creative juices whether through fashion, film, dance, music or even in painting.

While we all know that Richard Gomez, Solenn Heussaff and Heart Evangelista have much publicized exhibits, some celebrities are trying their hands at it too and their works are definitely impressive.

Scroll on to see how these celebs contribute to the world of art:

Issa Pressman

The younger sister of Yassi Pressman is making a name in the showbiz industry through her creativity. Not afraid to defy the norm, Issa expresses her unconventional art through make-up, fashion, dance and through her paintings. She also sells her art whenever there is chance.


Derrick Monasterio

Workout junkie Derrick Monasterio is also a gifted painter. Majority of his paintings were the result of the things that he felt at the moment or in a certain situation. In fact, He created an Instagram account solely about his love for art. Painting is his another outlet to practice his creativity outside showbiz.


Xian Lim

Xian Lim is a great actor and an aspiring director and screenwriter. His creativity is not only concentrated in films but also in painting. As a painter, Xian Lim have a unique vision for art. The dominance of dark colors on his painting evokes depth.


John Estrada

For John Estrada, it’s never too late to try painting. He gave Derek Ramsay a special gift –a portrait of Derek himself. The actor is not afraid to explore and challenge himself even if he doens’t have any background with painting. However, the result was quite amazing!   


Tom Rodriguez

Tom Rodriguez was brought to the world of art through digital painting. He loves doodling on his Ipad anytime anywhere whether he is waiting at work or to just simply jumpstart his day. All his art are sketches of artists or characters from movies.


JC Intal

Aside from being the veteran basketball player and a husband to Kapamilya host Bianca Gonzales, JC Intal surprisingly is a talented painter in his own right, and his colorful, abstract pieces are just beyond fascinating with all the brush strokes and textures. Bianca is his number one fan when it comes to his works. He paints a wide variety of things inspired by his basketball team, children etc.



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