Sharon and Richard profess they will always love each other

PHOTOS: Anna Pingol

PHOTOS: Anna Pingol

Though Sharon Cuneta and Richard Gomez live separate happy lives now with their respective families, it still can’t be helped that they are asked questions relating to their past relationship. For they were, at some point in their lives, like the KathNiel, LizQuen or JaDine tandems that managed to extend their on-cam relationship to real life.


Like the Sharon-Gabby [Concepcion] and Sharon-Robin [Padilla] pairings, the Sharon-Richard (also now known as ShaGoms) loveteam has its own brand of kilig.


Thus, at the recent media conference for their reunion movie Three Words to Forever, the two were asked if, there’s still some love left between them after all these years.


Richard was the first to answer and Sharon, who agreed with him, added some colorful details that she was revealing for the first time.


 “’Yong love namin ni Sharon sa isa’t isa, that will always remain there—always and forever,” said Goma, with his hands alternately holding Sharon’s or squeezing her knee. “The love will always be there. Hindi mawawala ’yon.”


That was enough to elicit shrieks and screams from the fans in the audience. But Goma capped that by kissing Sharon’s forehead.


“Yeah… because ilang taon man ang dumaan… “ Sharon seconded. “Kasi grabe din ang pinagsamahan naming… na hindi ninyo alam grabe ang tiniis ko. . .hahaha!”


Then they bantered.

“But I have to say, lahat ng pinagdaanan namin ni Richard, lahat ng… kahit may pain…kasi bata pa kami noon, when he was sowing his wild oath, I was the patience girlfriend…”


Richard: Wild. . .  hahaha!

Sharon: I’m not making you sira…

Richard: Hindi ako wild noon—super wild ako noon.

Sharon: My God!  At saka nakakatawa, I just realized siguro nagtaasan tayo ng boses noon in all those years… kasi we were together everyone though one year…we were together for actually for five or six [years],  gano’n. On and off—mostly on.  Pero siguro nagtaasan kami ng boses siguro twice lang or thrice. Napakabait ko kasi. Hahaha!. . . No, but really he is a very good person to begin with. Mapapatawad mo. Mapapatawad mo kasi sobra naman niya akong mahalin. Tapos lahat nang natiis ko sa kanya…


Richard: Marami ’yon.


Sharon:. . pero hindi ko titiisin kahit kalahati no’n sa kung sinumagn nauna sa kanya or sinuman after. Hindi ko natiis ’yon. Sa kanya lang. That’s why malalim’yong pinagsamahan namin.



“Lahat nang natiis ko sa kanya, hindi ko titiisin kahit kalahati no’n sa  kung sinumang nauna sa kanya or sinuman after. Hindi ko natiis ’yon. Sa kanya lang. That’s why malalim ’yong pinagsamahan namin.”—Sharon

Sharon also looked back to the time when Goma had yet much to show for his efforts in showbiz. She then compared it to how he’s able to establish himself as not just one of this countries tops actors, but also one of it’s most efficient public servants. In short, she says she’s proud of the man he’s become.

“Now that he was so happy with Lucy, with Juliana… my God, I always knew he’s going to be successful,” Sharon went on. “Kasi bata palang kami masinop na yan, e. ’Yong investments niya, paintings, bahay…’ yong iba ang inuuna sports car… Kami no’ng nag-date kami no’ng una…naka-L-300. Tapos nag-shoot ako sa Forbes Park ng Oras-oras, Araw-araw, he was so happy. ‘Halika.’ Pag labas meron na kaming Nissan Sentra. Hindi ka na aakyat. Sabi niya, ‘Hindi ka na hahakbang.’


“Ngayon siya naman ang nakatira sa Forbes Park ako naman ang umalis sa Dasma pero kapitbahay ko siya kasi pagtawid mo ng EDSA, ayon na ako sa Ayala Avenue.”


But Sharon also admits now that facing Richard for the first time in a long time wasn’t easy. She says he’s no longer the man she used to know and that she felt both strange with and estranged from him. It did not help that they were shooting in Ormoc, Richard’s home, but an alien territory to her.


Sharon went on: “Noong umpisa, takot na takot ako na parang feeling ko I dont know him. Ba’t nagbi-Bisaya ito? E, Kapangpangan ako. Kidding aside, I was nervous. I told Inang…you don’t know that (addressing Richard).


“I was crying to Inang Oli (Direk Olivia Lamasan). ‘Inang, I don’t know if I can do this because I don’t know him. He’s not my Richard anymore. ’Yong Richard na kilala ko. Ibig kong sabihin kasi ang tagal na no’ng dumaan.’


“‘Hindi, Anak, ikaw naman s’yempre ngayon ang dami  mong pinagdaanan… Inang was part of it kasi from Day One, ligawan palang diba? So, talagang ano pag dating doon [sa Ormoc], ’yong nakikiramdam ako. Tapos, I was so sad kasi Ormoc, I was away from my family.


“I posted that I was sad, that it was my first day, I didn’t know the city and truth told I wasn’t used to Richard being this…the Mayor of this town. I was proud pero this is not the Richard I know.


“No’ng pinost ko maraming naka-misinterpret—kahit siya. Naturally, bakit ko naman sisiraan ang isang lugar na hindi ko kilala? Naiwan ko lang ’yong family ko. I didn’t know what to expect from him…Tapos, bago ’yong city, wala akong kilala kundi siya [Goma] na may sarili ng buhay. So, ‘ano’ng ginagawa ko dito?’”


But things went well from thereon. Sharon and Goma not only made a good movie, they also got reconnected and possibly opened each other’s doors for deeper friendship that extends to their families.


Three Words to Forever, directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, is showing Novenmber 28 (tomorrow). It’s part of  Star Cinema’s 25th anniversary offering and it also serves as the 30th anniversary of the ShaGoms loveteam, which paired up last in Walang Kapalit in 2003.


Here’s  a video clip from the media conference:



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