Shaina Magdayao and RK Bagatsing share opinions on social media usage

Shaina Magdayao and RK Bagatsing were both asked about social media usage, especially of the youth today, following Shaina's post about having her best moments in life not posted on Instagram. Know more about their views by clicking below!

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Shaina Magdayao and RK Bagatsing were both asked about social media usage, especially of the youth today, following Shaina's post about having her best moments in life not posted on Instagram. Know more about their views by clicking below!

During the pocket interview after the press conference for the finale of the morning drama series Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit held at the Restaurant 9501 at the ABS-CBN Building, cast member Shaina Magdayao was asked about her not-so-recent Instagram post about the best parts of her life not making it to social media.


A post shared by Shaina Magdayao (@shaina_magdayao) on

“Im working on “being present” , you know 🙃 but who am I kidding, really? 🤣 Ive always had a struggle with Soc Media 😬 ...and I knew it was ‘work season’ but I did not expect it to be this crazy amazing yet hectic! 😅” she wrote at the beginning of her post.

Hindi naman sa hindi ko gusto i-share lahat. I make sure that when I’m traveling or whenever I’m doing something or I’m talking to a person, I make sure that I am present,” she explained to the press. “[A]nd I’m not Instagramming, I am not recording, I am not doing stories.”

Shaina then told the press that her Instagram posts are always late posts because she opts to enjoy the moment she is in instead of documenting it for social media.

“’Yon ’yong ibig kong sabihin na the best moments of my life don’t make it to social media,” she went on. “You know, sa generation ngayon, ano nga ba sinasabi nila? ‘It didn’t happen if you weren’t able to Instagram it.’ or something? Sa akin hindi ’yon...I don’t know. Baka matanda lang ako. Pero, hindi siya totoo sa akin.”

The actress adds that she wants to value privacy and explains that social media does not define for every moment of someone’s life to be beautiful and special.

“’Yon lang naman ’yon, but it does not mean na, kumbaga, ayoko i-share ’yong experience,” she clarified. “I will, given the time. Wala kasing oras ngayon. Given the time, given the venue. I will. [...] It’s too glossy for me, it’s too perfect. Kailangan naka-anggulo, kailangan naka-OOTD ka. Hindi ko siya ma-gets. I don’t know. Iba siguro ang generation ngayon na it has to be on social media, it has to be perfect [...] but that’s not who I am.”

Her co-star and leading man on the show RK Bagatsing also shared his thoughts on social media usage, saying most users are too caught up choosing the right filter for a photo instead of living in the moment.

“You forget about the exact feeling when you were there,” he said. “Halimbawa, sunset. Bumagsak na ’yong araw, nag-iisip ka pa rin ng filter mo o ng anggulo mo o caption mo. Nakakalimutan mo na ’yong moment na ’yon.”

The press also asked if as public figures, is there a limit to what a celebrity can share on social media, with Shaina believing that there is no way to generalize such because people are different.

“I cannot speak for others, I cannot even speak for Ramon Khino (RK),” she said. “I’m only speaking for myself na parang hindi ko ’yon kasi personality, kumbaga hindi ’yon authentic para sa akin.”

“So, magkakaiba. Hindi mo siya mage-generalize,” she went on. “Other people naman, it’s their job. We have to always look picture-perfect, galing sa magazine, ganun. Iba-iba. Mas gusto ko ipakita na tao lang ako.

Do they have any advice for young people who are too caught up in using social media? Shaina had this to say:

Mahirap kasi magsalita kasi iba na ’yong generation ng mga tao ngayon, ng mga kabataan” the actress says. “’Yong validation kasi nila, nakukuha na sa, let’s say, the number of likes or the number of comments. Ako, siguro, I’m in no position to say anything, but I would just like to lead by example. Nasa sa kanila na ’yon if they want to, parang, learn from me or learn from how I handle my life and my privacy.”

However, she puts a disclaimer that she can only meddle with her nieces, nephews, and other relatives, which she always reminds that their worth is not based on social media reactions and the number of friends they have on such.

“Actually, at the end of the day nga, mas marami ka pang totoong kaibigan na kaya mong kausapin [in real life], ‘yon ’yong mas importante, kesa ’yong i-cha-chat mo lang sa social media. ’Yon siguro ’yong dapat din natin alaga sa mga kabataan ngayon.”

RK agrees and explains that it all depends on people’s preference and purpose of using social media. 

Ngayon, napakarami nating medium so think about your cause, think about your purpose, isipin mo lang, but don’t base it dahil nag-po-post ’yong isang tao na always pretty or almost glamorous na perfect ang buhay nila. Everyone’s trying to be at their best angle in social media and like she (Shaina) said, tao rin ’yang mga ’yan,” RK told the press.

Watch the clip of the full interview below:


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