Robin and Mariel Padilla celebrate 9th anniversary with a romantic dinner date

Mariel Padilla gets a surprise dinner date from her husband Robin Padilla as a celebration of their ninth anniversary.

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Mariel Padilla gets a surprise dinner date from her husband Robin Padilla as a celebration of their ninth anniversary.

Actress Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, who’s always hands-on when it comes to mounting family celebrations, this time gets a surprise fine-dining experience specially prepared by her husband Robin Padilla for their ninth anniversary as couple last Monday, August 19. 

It may be recalled that the soon-to-be mom of two hosted her own gender reveal party, baby shower last July and a double birthday celebration for her and Robin earlier this month. 

This time, Robin took his chance to treat Mariel to a romantic dinner date at the Old Manila restaurant inside the luxury hotel, Peninsula Manila in Makati. 

The It’s Showtime host narrated her whole experience on her Instagram account earlier today. She admitted that they had planned to go out and celebrate over a dinner but she never expected that it would be this grand. 

“Our 9th anniversary date 💕 i came from the hospital for my weekly non stress test and check up. Arrived at Manila Pen at 8:45pm…” Mariel wrote. “my handsome husband neatly shaved wearing white pants and his katipunero uniform was waiting for me at the entrance with a huge bouquet filled with baby pink and lavender roses and pink star gazers my favorite flowers 💐 to greet me a happy anniversary.”

Aside from receiving her favorite flowers, she was even serenaded with their favorite songs by the hotel musicians as they enter the venue. 

She continued, “We enter the lobby of the hotel and on the balcony the orchestra was playing ‘love me like you do’ one of our favorite theme songs. He led me to greet his friends who had been waiting with him since 12nn and helped him with the anniversary dinner.

“Brusko action stars all giddy and supportive of their friend’s big anniversary surprise 😊 they greeted me a happy anniversary and my husband led me to Old Manila, a restaurant I have never been to, inside had a formal fine dining ambiance with 2 other couples occupying 2 tables, he continued to usher me to the Ramon Magsaysay Room where a violinist was playing ‘ikaw’ another favorite theme song.” 

She also felt spoiled having been served with a five-course meal on a long table where they each sat on opposite sides. 

“Then i saw long table decorated with flowers and rose petals and 2 chairs at each end reminding me of the famous beauty and the beast date.” Mariel went on. “I quickly noticed the menu card with a 5 course meal starting off with my favorite Caprese i knew Robin had prepared the dinner specially for me.” 

At the end of her long post, she thanked her husband for preparing a memorable dinner for two as they crossed out another milestone in their relationship. 

“The whole night had Robin written all over it. I knew we were going to have dinner but i had no idea it would be this romantic and special. Thank you so much my babe for the 9 best years of my life and the memorable dinner last night. I love you!!! ❤️.” 


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