Robi Domingo and Donny Pangilinan hold hands in public to break toxic masculinity stigma!

PHOTO: screen grab from Robi Domingo's Youtube channel

PHOTO: screen grab from Robi Domingo's Youtube channel

Last Monday, August 26, host Robi Domingo posted a vlog that tackled toxic masculinity. The video titled "Walang Bibitiw Challenge with Donny Pangilinan" was aimed to break the said stigma by showcasing that men can show platonic affection with each other too.

"Holding hands tayo for some moments," Robi told guest Donny Pangilinan. "Ang purpose nito is to break toxic masculinity, 'yong mga stigma na 'yon. When you talk about that one ito 'yung kinakahon mo 'yung pagkalalaki ng isang tao.

"Babasagin namin ang toxic masculinity. Ayaw namin na may kahon. Ipapakita namin na bromance, kung okay 'yung friendship niyo, kung mahal niyo 'yung tao, ipakita mo." Robi added.

Robi and Donny roamed around a local mall, went shopping, played games at an arcade, and ate lunch while holding hands. They also interviewed some people at the mall and asked if it is okay for men to show affection like they did.

Watch part one of the vlog below and see what happened!


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