Regine Velasquez shares creative veggie-infused recipes to inspire moms with picky-eater kids like her son Nate

PHOTOS: @reginevalcasid on IG

PHOTOS: @reginevalcasid on IG

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez just dropped her latest food inventions that she concocts for her son, Nate.

Regine has been spending a lot of time in her kitchen learning new recipes while in lockdown and it seems like her main goal is to be creative in preparing veggie meals and snacks that she incorporates with Nate’s favorite food.

Nate, like most kids his age, is obviously not a big fan of veggies, hence, it’s so hard for momma Regine to feed her unico hijo.

She then shared her recent achievement in making her son eat vegetables without him realizing it.

“So been I’ve been cooking and I love it but sometimes I don’t know what to feed Nate!!!!! “ she wrote on her Instagram post. “These are cauliflower veggies yes!!!! I asked him anong lasa he said it tasted like chicken.”

She confessed that her new recipe was inspired by a certain food she ate during her concert with Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo. 

“I got the idea from a catering service sa concert namin ni Sarah. Actually favourite to ni Sarah. Medyo iniba ko lang. Yung first picture nilagyan ko ng Doritos. He loves it.”

To help out fellow mommas out there who struggle to feed their children with vegetables, Regine then shared her newly-discovered veggie recipe. 

“Para sa mga nanay ito yung recipe Cauliflower with Doritos

“Dry ingredients: 
Flour 1 cup then put garlic powder salt and pepper to taste. 
Doritos crashed 
1 egg lightly beaten 
Dust the cauliflower lightly with your flour mixture then put it in the beaten egg. 
Then put it in your crushed Doritos. 
Make sure to cover the whole cauliflower.
Yung first picture dalawang beses ko ginawa para fully covered talaga yung veggies then fry or baked.”

“By the way you can use other veggies like eggplant okra etc. Now the other pic just didn’t have Doritos so 😃 please try it #kwentongnanay.”

“oh I forgot if you can, don’t tell your kids first that they’re eating veggies. Wag magsinungaling just don’t tell them kasi it looks like chicken naman.”

She narrated that she didn’t tell Nate what it was made from. Instead, she just let him figure it out himself. 

Luckily, Nate enjoyed the veggie snack despite not being fond of eating vegetables! Nice kitchen hack, mom Regine!

“Kasi kay Nate I just didn’t say anything but when looked at it he said oh it’s chicken. My daughter who's 21 years old also liked it actually masarap sya with or without Doritos.”

(The daughter she’s referring here is Leila Alcasid, her husband Ogie’s firstborn with former wife Michelle Eimerren. Leila, who’s also now trying local showbiz, lives with them.) 


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In an earlier post, the Songbird also shared her recipe for carrot-infused fried rice, this time, for her son’s breakfast.  

A part of her caption reads: “So lately I’ve been feeding him veggies and of course, he doesn’t like it. But I’m a bruha mom so...

“But sometimes I give him stuff he likes, like spam but what I do is I make him fried rice and put carrots in it, dinudurog ko or I’d cut it in small pieces then add to the rice.

“He normally doesn’t like egg unless I put cheese so nilalagay ko sa rice nya yung egg.” 

Regine mentioned that the idea of eating vegetables is such a big no for kids these days. Hence, she challenges herself to infuse veggies each time she prepares meals for Nate. 

“Anyway I think it’s a stage that once you tell them that they’re having veggies or they see it they panic and right away they refused to eat it hay. So bilang maabilidad tayong mga mommies kung ano anong paraan lang mapakain ng gulay mga anak natin.”

Here’s her recipe for her “orange rice”:

“1 cup of rice ( bahaw )
1/2 cup of minced carrots
1 egg
Margarine salt and pepper to taste
Optional: you can put cheese.”


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