Real-life Darna ng masa Angel Locsin strikes again as she initiates fundraising effort for mass testing in PH

Angel Locsin relaunches her Shop & Share fundraising effort to purchase COVID-19 testing kits!

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Angel Locsin relaunches her Shop & Share fundraising effort to purchase COVID-19 testing kits!

After her successful #UniTentWeStandPH campaign for the frontliners recently, Angel Locsin is back at it again to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines.

In her first fundraising effort, it can be recalled that Angel raised almost P11 million which was used to build special tents to provide 28 hospitals who needed more place to cure COVID-19 patients. 

A lot of celebrities supported and participated in her operations by donating money and essential equipment such as beds and air-condition units.

This time, with the help of her celebrity friends yet again, Angel launches another fundraising effort called Shop & Share, which aims to raise money through auctioned designer items from different stars. 

It is the same fundraising effort she did when the country was hit by the devastating typhoon Ondoy back in 2009.

According to Angel, Shop & Share was revived to purchase COVID-19 testing kits and help the poorer sectors get tested. 

She took to Instagram yesterday, May 18, to call on her friends and colleagues who may be interested to donate. 

“To our friends and fellow artists,” she began. “Hi. It’s been a while since we’ve done this — way back in 2009 in fact when we first put up Shop and Share to help those who were affected by Typhoon Ondoy.”

“We had actors, singers and even basketball players donate personal items from designer bags, clothes, jerseys, jewelry, etc., and we auctioned them off on eBay, with all the proceeds going to the Philippine Red Cross.”

She continued, “And, now, we humbly reach out again. These are hard times, truly frightening times for the Filipino people, especially with coronavirus cases still on the rise.”

Despite the help coming from different people, it’s still not enough as long as the virus “remains the invisible enemy.”

“Many have been doing their part in trying to give hope or just to make each day easier for those who are in need,” she went on. “And the hard truth is they will remain in need as Covid-19 remains the invisible enemy amongst us changing our lives and sadly disrupting livelihoods.

“We would like to revisit the idea of artists coming together and helping those who need it the most. 

“This time, with the funds we raise, we would like to purchase test kits and allow testing opportunities for the poorer sectors in the hopes of helping out in the efforts to provide mass testing in the country.”

Angel said that the only way the country can be cleared from the virus is through mass testing and through the eventual trace-isolate-treat effort.

“Yes, in support of mass testing. Because in this way we can make a higher impact, by pushing the TEST-TRACE-ISOLATE/TREAT formula that is the only proven way to defeat the virus.

“If you are keen please do let us know. We do hope you can join us as we all work together to help flatten the curve in the Philippines in our little way.”


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Bless your good heart, Angel!

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