Pia Wurtzbach shows boyfriend Jeremy Jauncey how to use the Pinoy tabo

PHOTOS: @jeremyjauncy on Instagram, @WWF.Philippines on Facebook

PHOTOS: @jeremyjauncy on Instagram, @WWF.Philippines on Facebook

Real-life sweethearts Pia Wurtzbach and Jeremy Jauncey reunited online for their first fundraising event together last night, July 17 (Philippine time). 

The celebrity couple went live through the Facebook page of WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Philippines and talked, via Zoom, to share their respective sustainable lifestyle journey and to raise funds for the environmental frontliners as well. 

To the unfamiliar, Jeremy Jauncey is the CEO and founder of Beautiful Destinations, a multi-platform travel-centric content factory that started out as an Instagram account. Jeremy, who is reportedly born in Venezuela but was raised in Scotland, is also the Travel Editor-at-large of Tatler Asia, as well as a global ambassador for WWF.

He and our Queen P officially went public with their relationship in the cover story feature of Tatler Philippines’ June 2020 Issue.

During the fundraising hour of their FB Live, the environment-advocate couple promoted, among other things, the carbon footprint calculator, which can be accessed online, so that their audience, too, would be aware of their own carbon emissions. 

They’ve also touched on recycling, carpooling, and helping local farmers.

In the course of the conversation, the 2015 Miss Universe also brought up the topic about water conservation. At this point, she was able to point out the advantages of using a water dipper, locally known as "tabo," in our daily water usage.

Pia also took the chance to introduce the “tabo” to her handsome globetrotter Scottish boyfriend.

“Have you ever heard [about the] tabo, baby?” Pia asked her Jeremy, who is currently based in the UK.

He smiled and replied: “No. So I want you to tell me. We have touched on this. I want you to tell me.” 

“I know,” the Filipina beauty queen said. “I was saving it for this moment.”

“Yeah, exactly," replied Jeremy. “This is our audience. Explain it for me, please.”

That's the time when Pia, holding an actual gray tabo in her hand, schooled her boyfriend how to use tabo to converse water.

“You know when you have a shower, the water is kinda just flowing endlessly and even when you don't really need it, it just keeps going... in the Philippines, there’s a way to save water if you use the tabo,” she explained. “And I have it actually here already ’cause I knew I have to show this to you.”

“Alright, show me,” the UK-based businessman prodded.

“This is tabo,” Pia proudly showed her gray water dipper on the video. “Have you ever seen this before?”

“Maybe not a Filipino tabo. No, this is the first [time],” said Jeremy amused.

Thinking that Jeremy might also has a tabo in his home, Pia candidly asked him: “What do you call this in the UK then?”

Laughing, Jeremy said: “I think we probably call that a pot or a pan.”

“No, baby, you can't heat this,” the Pinay actress-beauty queen protested. “This is only for water. It comes in different colors but only one size, unfortunately.”

“I'm not kidding,” she added. “If you have a bucket of water, instead of just like [doing the shower], you can save by scooping out the water that you need.”

“Okay. That's very simple,” Jeremy said approvingly.

“I think this is a very Filipino thing,” Pia went on. “I show this and people are probably laughing right now like, ‘Oh my gosh, Pia Wurtzbach is showing Jeremy a tabo.’ 

"But this is very a Filipino thing and we already have this. Most Filipino households have this. So, use it, guys. Use it. This is a way of conserving water. So let’s just embrace our Filipino-ness and just use the tabo. Don't be embarrassed by it.”

She then urged her CEO boyfriend to do the same.

 “Baby, we are gonna start using this now.”

Jeremy happily replied by saying: “Our next post on Instagram is we will have a tabo and we will show how to use it.”

"Tabo wars, right?!” Pia seconded. 

We’re going to wait for that. 

In the meantime, watch the full video here:

WWF Fundraising Hour with Pia Wurtzbach & Jeremy Jauncey

Support the causes they’re fighting for here 👉 wwf.org.ph/donate

Posted by WWF-Philippines on Wednesday, July 15, 2020


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