Nico Bolzico gives ways on how to make your wife feel extra special

PHOTO: @nicobolzico on Instagram

PHOTO: @nicobolzico on Instagram

Nico Bolzico has yet to teach us again another rule in the #BulliedHusbandClub “handbook” where you can find all the rules for husbands out there on how to take really good care of your marriage.  

Yesterday, his wife Solenn Heussaff uploaded a video of them dancing together to Maja Salvador’s #ohnananachallenge and the netizens find it so cute and hilarious because of Nico.

Watch it for yourself!


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With that, Nico posted on Instagram earlier this morning his explanation why his wife got him to do it [dance].

He wrote, “Why did I do this? #MarryMiles!”

“What are #MarryMiles? #MarryMiles is an implicit currency used in every relationship, even if the partners are not aware of.”


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He continued explaining more about this new term “Marry Miles”.

“For example, you are about to watch a movie and your #Wifezilla tells you “Ït is my turn to choose the movie”, this means you spent your #MarryMiles in the last movie you watched, for sure you made her watch Avengers or something like that, so now, sit back and enjoy Pitch Perfect (that I love by the way!).”

“Imagine your friends are planning to spend the weekend hiking a mountain, and of course this requires permission from #Wifezilla. If you received this piece of information with enough anticipation, your #MarryMiles earnings starts, basically you do things that you should do every day for your #Wifezilla in an extra special way.”

“It is not about doing one sweet thing, but a continuity of sweet actions, exactly how a relationship should be.”

Here are the examples he provided to explain it more clearly:

1- Making the bed: you must make the bed every day, but in this occasion maybe drop some flowers on top.

2- For your next usual date, cook her favorite dinner (don’t go out for dinner): surprise her when she gets home! If you don’t know how to cook the #BulliedHusbandClub can help you sending a qualified member to your house (@Erwanof course).

3- Go shopping with her: be careful here because this can backfire easily. In my case, when I want to support #Wifezilla in her shopping day, I end up being a sandbag; always feeling tired, bored and looking for every opportunity to sit down, one time I sat down on the escalator. That won't work.

“Basically, earning #MarryMiles is a way of making your relationship better!”

Nico also pointed out who’s the real boss in marriage.

“Something extremely important to highlight, our #Wifezillas are like the Central Bank, they are the ones printing the currency, so if by any change they decided that #MarryMiles are not enough or simply they don’t want to accept them, then #Patay, you stay home and tell your friends next time! Also, we are the only ones that need the #MarryMiles, our ladies can do whatever whenever, I dare you to tell them the opposite!”


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