Nico Bolzico defines Solenn, Anne and Erwan’s roles while travelling together

PHOTO: @nicobolzico on Instagram

PHOTO: @nicobolzico on Instagram

We always see Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico, Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff travel together if time permits and right now, they are having a good time in San Francisco, California.

These power couples actually have “essential” roles to perform when they are spending a vacation together wherever.

Nico revealed earlier this morning that each one of them has respective duties via Instagram.

He said, “The roles are very clear when we travel together:”

“1- Erwan organizing everything, he loves using old school paper maps, he forces us to call him Captain and he gets very intense if people are late.”

“2- Anne and #Wifezilla making sure that the selfies are properly taken when the light is good. They have a magnet for clothes stores when we walk, they enter in 76% of the stores we walk in front of.”

“3- #ElBolzico, trying to be useful and that means not bothering Erwan when he is actually doing something for us to be able to go places, he forces me to look away. He speaks a lot and always pisses off #Wifezilla coz speaking too much.”

“Day 1 can be summarized like 43% eating, 40% shopping and 17% doing groceries (yes, we do groceries when we are on vacations!) #MarryMiles acquired because of the 40% shopping: 2314 #BulliedHusbandsClub”   


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