Martin Nievera releases “new normal” Christmas song “A Brand New Christmas”

Martin Nievera has a Christmas song about the new normal!

PHOTOS: Viva Records

Martin Nievera has a Christmas song about the new normal!

Making history as the first Christmas song to feature the "new normal" as theme, Martin Nievera has created a piece, in collaboration with composer and long-time friend Louie Ocampo, about celebrating the Yuletide season under the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s a Christmas song in the new normal, about the new normal,” Martin said of his new song "A Brand New Christmas."

“This is about the Christmas we don’t know about--yet,” he added.

The ballad, despite talking of a new normal, focuses on hope and new beginnings.

“It takes more than just a storm or even a pandemic to take away the Christmas spirit of the resilient Filipinos,” Martin explained.

PHOTO: Viva Records

“We’re so good at turning a calamity into a celebration of life and of survival. And it’s because of this resiliency that Filipinos are born with, that the Christmas spirit is not going to disappear from this country,” he added.

PHOTO: Viva Records

The song puts in another first for the Concert King as "A Brand New Christmas" is his first single with Vicor Records after re-signing with the music label some weeks ago.

Ocampo shared how the song came about, saying he received a call from Martin about creating a Christmas song. After a few exchanges of files through their phones, the song was born.

“It really feels good because it’s been awhile since we worked on a song together,” he said. “The best thing about it was it was so spontaneous. It was magic.”

"A Brand New Christmas" written and sung by Martin Nievera and music by Louie Ocampo is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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