Marjorie Barretto remains thankful despite cancellation of Italian birthday trip, which is a gift from daughter Julia

Marjorie Barretto narrates her supposed birthday trip in Italy!

PHOTOS: @marjbarretto on IG

Marjorie Barretto narrates her supposed birthday trip in Italy!

Marjorie Barretto was supposed to celebrate her birthday in Italy along with her kids but due to the on-going global Covid-19 crisis, their trip was cancelled. 

Marjorie’s whole Italy getaway was her daughter Julia Barretto’s birthday gift to her for her 46th birthday and she revealed that they already have booked flights and hotels since September of last year. 

On an Instagram post she posted yesterday, May 17, the mom-of-five narrated how she perfectly planned out her vacation with her children.

She said that she was supposed to begin her special day by attending mass and then proceed to roam around the beautiful places in Rome. 

“We were to arrive on May 18 so I can celebrate my birthday on the 19th hearing mass in the morning followed by a tour of Rome,” Marjorie discussed on IG. “Then we move on to other parts of Italy for the next 2 weeks to meet with friends and see places I’ve always dreamt of going to.” 

Although her birthday celebration didn’t go as planned, Marjorie remains grateful because her family is safe and well during these troubling times, and according to her “that is more than enough reason to celebrate another year.” 

“I realized that every time I pray so hard for something, and it doesn’t push thru, I still feel peace. As long as I commit my plans to God, I believe His will and timing will always be perfect for me and my children.

“Right now, I’m just so grateful to be home, well, and have my kids safe with me. That is more than enough reason to celebrate another year.”


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