Marco Gumabao fires back at a Netizen who urges him to “donate” instead of offering prayers to those affected by worldwide calamities

Marco Gumabao: "hindi po pera ang sagot sa lahat."

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Marco Gumabao: "hindi po pera ang sagot sa lahat."

Actor Marco Gumabao took to Instagram earlier today to share bible verses and offer prayers for people around the world who are experiencing calamities in their respective countries.

Marco posted screenshots of bible verses and attached a lengthy caption that read, “With everything happening around the world right now, I just can’t help but post this... all the signs are here: War, earthquakes, national disasters, rise of the anti christ etc..

“Whether you like it or not, whether you’re ready or not, HE IS COMING. No one knows when. Tomorrow, next week, or maybe 5 years from now, nobody knows... that’s why we all have to be ready! spread love and not hate!”

He also began preaching about the importance of forgiveness and love and dedicating one’s life to “Him”. 

“Forgive the people who have wronged you, even though you don’t feel like they’ve earned your forgiveness. Love your family, your friends and your enemies, just as how Jesus loved the sinners. Stop the hate! Stop cyberbullying! 

“Stop giving in to worldly temptations! Most importantly, READ THE BIBLE! 3 chapters a day won’t hurt. It won’t even take an hour of your time. Dedicate your life to Him before it’s too late. Strengthen your relationship with Him!”

At first, Marco admitted that he was hesitant to publish his post but he believes that he can use his platform in showbiz to spread “His” words. 

“I know this post may draw good and bad reactions from people. But I just can’t help to not speak up on this. I know God put me in showbiz, not to be the most popular celebrity, but to use my platform to make Him popular.”

He further explained, “I know I’m not the holiest person alive, but I am proud to say that I have a relationship with God. And it is the BEST feeling ever.

Marco also offered prayers to the  victims of worldwide calamities—the Taal Volcano eruption in Batangas, wildfires in Australia and Korea, and also the on-going conflict between Iran and US. 

“Prayers up to the people affected in the Taal eruption, Australia and South Korea fires, Iran & US conflict. 🙏🏻 God Bless everyone!”



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But his post, although it gained massive support from his fans, also gained a negative remark from an Instagram user which appeared as a dummy account.

The user criticized him for just spewing “empty words” and not taking action by donating to the calamity victims.

“If you really care, PLEASE DONATE!!!” the basher wrote. “Actions are better than words. We can pray but we need to walk the talk.”

The same Netizen added, “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa. Please spearhead or aid in relief operations for those affected by Mt Taal eruption. USE YOUR SHOWBIZ PLATFORM to help as this is God given opportunity to you. God needs action- not empty words.”

Marco responded by telling his basher that money is not the answer to everything. 

He wrote, “So you think the only thing you can do to show care, is by donating??? By giving MONEY? i’ll pray for you too. 🙏🏻 hindi po pera ang sagot sa lahat. 😊.”

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