Mar Roxas chooses to watch children instead of election results

PHOTO: @korina on IG

PHOTO: @korina on IG

Senatorial candidate Mar Roxas is choosing fatherhood over politics, one day after the elections. 

The 62-year-old spent most of Tuesday morning not awaiting election results but instead playing with his twin children Pepe and Pilar, according to his wife Korina Sanchez

Mar and Korina welcomed their twins last February 12.

Wrote Korina on IG: "This morning my husband Mar went into the nursery and announced so excited to me that Pepe is talking to him, and Pilar needs a diaper change. I was on my phone waiting on results. 'Don’t bother yourself with that', he said. We played with the twins all morning and now ordered pizza for lunch."

As of press time, Mar is at 16th place in the senatorial race, making his return to the Senate unlikely.

The Rated K host continued: "Politics is a game. You play the game hoping for a win so you can honestly serve and correct what needs to be. Make the world a better place than when we found it. Cant do much about how other players play the game, or what other motivations there could be.

"Yesterday our twins Pepe and Pilar turned three months old. We can only wish they grow up in a Godly country fit for Godly human beings. Meantime, we soldier on. Until we get as close as possible to what’s best for the country, and for our children. The work continues.💙"


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