Maggie Wilson says spending husband's money is "boring as hell"

PHOTO: @maggiewilson on IG

PHOTO: @maggiewilson on IG

Beauty queen and TV personality Maggie Wilson took to Instagram earlier today to answer the question "Why do you still work?" 

The frequently-asked question has to do with Maggie's husband, Victor Consunji—a moneyed businessman whose family runs the prominent construction and mining company DMCI. 


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But Maggie says that having a well-off partner is no reason for her to stop earning her own money. "It’s amazing how often I get asked, “Why do you still work?' Why is that such a surprise?,” wrote the Binibining Pilipinas World 2007 winner. 

She added: "I come from a working class family. I don’t have a trust fund. I don’t have parents who just hand me money and I am so grateful for that because it’s taught me never to take money for granted." 

Maggie clarified that while she could live on her husband's dime, she doesn't believe in treating him "like an ATM machine." 

"Money doesn’t grow on trees. And while yes, I could very well just sit on my ass, be a lady who “lunches”, who goes shopping, who just spends my husbands money as I please but you know what? I don’t find that fun. It’s boring as hell to me." 


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The beauty queen, who hosts the travel series Beached on the Metro Channel, also spoke about how empowering financial security is--and how nice it feels to treat her husband every now and then using her own hard-earned cash. 

"I’m lucky to have a husband who understands that. Who lets me thrive and be my own person. Plus, I think it’s nice that I am able to wine and dine him too. Lol!" 

The TV host continued: "Don’t ever let anyone dictate what you can and can not do. I know quite a few women who feel like their hands are tied, who feel unhappy and trapped because they sacrifice too much for their spouses and families that they don’t leave anything left for themselves.”

Maggie concluded: "Protect and love yourself too because it’s important, YOU are important. ♥️.” 



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