Luis Manzano invited a basher to witness his game show

PHOTO: @luckymanzano on Instagram

PHOTO: @luckymanzano on Instagram

Luis Manzano caught the attention of his fans for inviting one of his bashers to watch the game show I Can See Your Voice hosted by the actor himself.

Recently on Instagram, Luis shared a photo from Buzzfeed with a question “What is the nicest thing a stranger has done for you?”  


A post shared by Luis Manzano (@luckymanzano) on


One of the top comments was from his basher named @peetalang who surprisingly turned into Luis’ acquaintance.

Fans flooded the comment section jokingly wanted to bash Luis in able to see him in person and possibly watch his shows.

Luis then clarified that he messaged @peetalang to fight him more but the basher apologized sincerely. The issue was settled eventually so the artist invited him to come over and watch his show.

Majority of us already know that Alex Gonzaga and Luis’ friendship is one of a kind.

Alex Gonzaga also commented on his post, “One stranger told me na ang panget daw nung luis manzano!! Grabe naiyak ako nakakatouched.”

Luis replied, “May isa akong stranger na nakausap dati at gusto niya magmartilyong pako sa ulo ng bunso niya… nakilala ko siya, Mommy Pinty pangalan niya.”


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