Lotlot de Leon snaps at Pilita Corrales after sounding off in an online show how she lectured Janine Gutierrez on her Bong Revilla comment

Lotlot de Leon: "I will always protect my FAMILY! NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!”

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Lotlot de Leon: "I will always protect my FAMILY! NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!”

Actress Lotlot de Leon took to social media yesterday, February 5, to vent out her frustration about an unnamed person who humiliated and disrespected her family.

In her Facebook post, Lotlot talked about how much she always give her respect to the elderly but also pointed out that sometimes not all of them deserve said respect from her.  

“Mabuti na lang marunong ako rumespeto sa matanda!!!” she began on Facebook. “Pero minsan lang talaga may mga matanda na hindi ka resperespeto at walang pinagkatandaan!”

She also called out and pitied those chronic liars who deceived people with their own version of the truth. 

“Minsan din ang mga sinungaling kawawa kase sa sobra nilang gusto na sila ang pakinggan kung ano anong storya ang sasabihin nila.” 

Lotlot even confessed that she remained silent for years but if someone is testing her to give her piece on certain matters, she definitely will.

Thus, she warned: “I never said anything in the many years! This might be the first!!! Don’t push me!!! 🤬.” 


Mabuti na lang marunong ako rumespeto sa ma tanda!!! Pero Minsan lang talaga may mga matanda na hindi ka resperespeto at...

Posted by Lotlot De Leon on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

In another FB post, Lotlot again, expressed her anger, saying, “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE??!!??? 🤬 Talaga???!!! Yan ang bitaw mo?!?!? Ako kaya mag sabi who I think you are!!!.”


WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE??!!??? 🤬 Talaga???!!! Yan ang bitaw mo?!?!? Ako kaya mag sabi who I think you are!!!

Posted by Lotlot De Leon on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

She didn’t exactly reveal who’s the person she is pertaining to but the public assumed that her online posts were intended to her former mother-in-law Pilita Corrales. 

It’s because the “who do you think you are” line mirrors what the veteran singer Lola of Janine said in her special guesting on the digital live show of “Take It Perminute...Me Ganu’n!” hosted by Lolit Solis, Cristy Fermin, and Mr. Fu last Tuesday, February 4. 

As it turned out, during the show, Pilita voluntarily narrated how she supposedly gave her apo Janine Gutierrez, Lotlot’s daughter to ex-husband Ramon Christopher Gutierrez (Pilita’s son), a lecture regarding her trending post about Senator Bong Revilla. 

In her online show guesting, Pilita went on to share her supposed conversation with Janine, where she supposedly reprimanded her apo for her act.

“I said, ‘You’re wrong! You are wrong! When you are wrong, you’re wrong,” Pilita told Cristy Fermin and company.

She recounted, “Wala naman na siyang… Ang sabi niya, ‘Yes, Mita. Yes Mita.’

“Sometimes kasi, she just ano…Ang sabi ko, ‘You don’t do that, you don’t say that. Who do you think you are?’

“Sinabi ko talaga sa kanya na, ‘Sometimes, you just open your mouth and you don’t know. Maybe you meant, 'Oh my God, so exciting.’

“You didn’t do that, Janine.”

Lotlot’s social media posts surfaced online following Pilita’s guesting. 

It could be re­called that Ja­nine posted an “Oh God” acted on Twit­ter to Sen­a­tor Bong Re­villa's tele­vi­sion come­back last De­cem­ber 18.

Janine’s post received massive online attention and also prompted Lolit Solis, who happens to be Bong’s manager, to come into her talent’s defense as she posted a message for Janine via Instagram last December 20. 


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A pikapika.ph source, however, says the supposed Pilita reprimand did not happen at all and that what the veteran singer voluntarily said on the online show was all untrue.

Aside from her aforementioned FB posts, Lotlot also published a lengthy Instagram message to further explain her side. 

Attached to her IG post is a photo of her whole family, including her now-Lebanese husband Fadi El Soury.   

“Pinaghirapan namin ito..” she said. “Itong relasyon naming lahat para mabuo, maging isa.. we have learned to set aside all our differences, we have learned to forgive.”

She revealed that the beautiful relationship they have as a family took them years to build and one of its foundations is respecting one another. 

“Oo, hindi naging madali.. it took years to build..but one things for sure ang RESPETO namin para sa isa’t isa ay andyan. 

“We have learned through the years on how to talk, as a FAMILY.” 

She continued, “Hindi kame perpekto, we have misunderstandings, pero ang isa sa hindi namin gagawin kahit kailan ay ipangalandakan sa buong mundo ang pagkakamali ng isa. 

“Hindi kame Manlalaglag just because we feel or think na mali ang isa!.” 

She also gave emphasis that there should be trust within the family and that if someone needs advice you give it without degrading one’s worth. 

“Family is supposed to be about trust, trust that you can tell them anything without judgement. Understanding the other. Personally give advices, solicited or unsolicited na hindi na kakababa ng pagkatao! 

“And TRUTH. You don’t bring one down just to prove na tama ka! We don’t do that! Because nobody deserves to be treated that way! We have never crossed that line because we know it’s WRONG!.”

Lotlot ended her post by saying that she will protect her family at all costs. 

“Ang pamilya ay pamilya kahit ano ang mangyare. I will always protect my FAMILY! NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!.”


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