LOOK: Sarah Lahbati’s surreal diving pictures!

PHOTO: @sarahlahbati on Instagram

PHOTO: @sarahlahbati on Instagram

Sarah Lahbati surprised Netizens by sharing her out-of-this-world underwater photos on social media. Those were taken during her short trip in Batangas a week ago. 

All thanks to her photographer Martin Zapanta for capturing those majestic yet rare moments while Sarah’s living her mermaid dreams. 

The Viva artist’s first underwater photo that she uploaded from this particular trip instantly trended on Instagram with almost 300,000 likes as of the moment. 


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Among those who went gaga over her photos are her celebrity friends like Solenn Heussaff, Maggie Wilson, Maxene Magalona, Raymond Gutierrez, and Iya Villania and more. They are raving about it too!

But besides her stunning photos, Sarah also shared her alarming and disappointing discovery while spending time under the sea. 

She wrote on her IG post: “Went on a quick trip to the beach last week with the fam and as we were looking for the school of jacks, I couldn’t help but notice all the plastic around me while in the water. Picked up so much junk.”

The actress also took advantage of her post to remind everyone to safeguard our oceans. “Please stop throwing trash in our ocean and protect its beautiful inhabitants,” she said.

Here are the other dreamlike underwater photos of Sarah:


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A post shared by Sarah Lahbati (@sarahlahbati) on


A post shared by Sarah Lahbati (@sarahlahbati) on


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