LOOK: Saab Magalona welcomes her newborn baby Vito Tomas!  

Saab introduced her second son Vito Tomas to her followers on IG!

PHOTOS: @saabmagalona on IG

Saab introduced her second son Vito Tomas to her followers on IG!

Blogger-musician Saab Magalona gave her followers a delightful surprise when she introduced her newborn baby boy Vito Tomas via Instagram earlier today, September 17. 

Saab posted a beautiful post-pregnancy photo of her alongside her husband Jim Bacarro and their bouncing baby boy. And we couldn’t help but feel happy for the couple’s growing family! 

The photo was captioned: “We finally met another best friend yesterday! Say hello to our 9.2-pounder Vito Tomas Magalona Bacarro 😍.”


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Prior to giving birth to baby Vito, Saab admitted that her pregnancy still felt surreal as she happily announced online that she made it on her last few weeks of her third trimester.  

She wrote on her IG post last September 11, “38 weeks! What a feeling!! With my first pregnancy, I only made it to 30 weeks and 6 days so I didn’t expect this at all! I will soon wake up to 3 of the sweetest boys each morning ❤️ Thank you for all your well wishes 🤗 Just a few more days!🙏🏻.”


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It may be recalled that in February last year, the second-time parents welcomed their twins Pancho and Luna, however, they lost their baby girl Luna shortly after Saab gave birth. 

At that time, Saab and Pancho were in critical condition and stayed at the Intensive Care Unit for quite some time. Saab broke the heartbreaking news about their loss later on.

Despite coming from a devastating loss, Saab and Jim believed that their baby girl Luna found her way back into their family in the form of their second baby boy. 

We can’t wait to see Kuya Pancho and his little brother’s first-ever interaction! But for now, let’s take a look at the photos of Pancho patiently waiting for the arrival of his little brother Vito. 


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Saab and Jim announced that they are expecting their second son last April 8. And three months after, they hosted an intimate baby shower where  their  respective families and friends came together to celebrate the coming of the new member of the Magalona-Bacarro family. 

Congratulations, Jim and Saab!


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