LOOK: Kath and Ria got matching ear piercings!

PHOTOS: @ria (L) & @kathniellifetime (R) on Instagram

PHOTOS: @ria (L) & @kathniellifetime (R) on Instagram

After getting their helix pierced four months ago, Kathryn Bernardo and Ria Atayde, once again, had a matching ear piercing located near the center inner ridge of the ear cartilage which is usually called rook piercing last night, June 10.

The first friendship piercing they had was together with Juan Miguel Severo. The three artistas formed an unlikely bond after filming the highest grossing Filipino film of all time, The Hows of Us.

source: cosmopolitan

Although Juan Miguel didn’t take the plunge to get his ear pierced the second time around, he was with Kath and Ria while they get their new studs. Talk about supporting his so-called girlfriends!


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In the Instagram stories that Juan Miguel posted, Kath’s on and off-screen partner Daniel Padilla was also there and he was seen tightly holding Kath’s hand as she bravely faced the piercing needle.

Kath and Ria later on uploaded on their respective Instagram stories to flaunt their matching rook piercing as an additional to their symbol of friendship.



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