LOOK: Barretto sisters Dani, Julia, and Claudia pay birthday tribute to their mom, Marjorie!

PHOTOS: @danibarretto & @marjbarretto on IG

PHOTOS: @danibarretto & @marjbarretto on IG

Today, May 19, marks Marjorie Barretto’s 46th birthday, and her three loving daughters Dani, Julia, and Claudia all wanted to make her day extra special.

Marjorie revealed in her latest post that they were supposed to be having the best time in Italy right now if it weren’t for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

They’ve actually booked their flight tickets and hotels in advance because she’s been so looking forward to spending her birthday abroad with her girls and see places with them that she always “dreamt of going to.”     

Unfortunately, they were forced to cancel their trip and prioritize their family’s safety above all else.  

For Marjorie’s daughters, however, the virus can’t stop them from giving their mom another memorable year in her life. 

Julia, who initially wanted to treat her mom with an Italian birthday, took to Instagram to post different throwback videos with her favorite person--her momma Marjorie. 

One of her captions read: “This is my mom. Happiest Birthday @marjbarretto. I love you so much it hurts.” 


Claudia, for her part, penned a heartfelt lengthy birthday tribute for her momma, whom she considers as her role model in life.  

“Mom, You are strongest when you have to pretend you are strong for the people who could not imagine themselves enduring what you’ve endured. 

“You are strongest when you allow yourself to cry because that’s not what people are prepared to see. When we’re faced with difficult situations, people like to see someone who rises above it all. But that can’t always be the case.

“It’s harder to break down and crumble because the collateral damage of doing so has more consequences on the people around you than it does you. So yes, saying you are strong would be ineffectual because you are much more than that.” 

For Claudia, her mom is strong yet vulnerable at the same time and that is the very reason why she admires her.  

“You are vulnerable but you also always choose to put the people you care about at the forefront of your life. Allowing people to use you as an example, to help them overcome their own battles. Thank you for being an example. Not just for me and the rest of the family, but for all the other people who have allowed themselves to model their strength after yours.

She ended her caption by saying that what she owes what she has become to her mom. 
“Happiest birthday, mom. I know we don’t always see eye to eye... But amongst all our differences are the smallest of similarities that have a much more profound impact on who I am as a person. I love you.” 


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The eldest Dani celebrates her mom’s birthday by uploading a photo that was taken during her own wedding, a day that Dani considers as one of the best times in her life.

And their precious throwback photo was captioned: “Happy Birthday to my mom, my confidant, my voice of reason, my hero. I love you endlessly.” 


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Happiest Birthday, Marjorie!

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