Lea Salonga slams fake skin-care ad featuring her as an endorser

PHOTOS: @msleasalonga on IG

PHOTOS: @msleasalonga on IG

After Judy Ann Santos, it’s now international star Lea Salonga who got victimized by a fake advertising campaign. And these fake ads manage to find their way into thousands of social media feeds daily.

The musical theatre artist took to Instagram two days ago to shut down fake news about her abandoning showbiz and exposing the bogus skin-care seller that even featured her as its “owner.”

It seems that the actress encountered this kind of scheme more than once as she wrote on her IG post, “Once again, the rats come out to play.”

There, she made two things clear. One, that she will never quit showbiz; and that she is not endorsing nor starting her own skin-care product business.

“Folks, if you come across one of those Lea Quits Showbiz bulls*** ads, those are fake. One, I’d never quit. This is what I love to do. Two, I am under contract with Facial Care Centre and am not endorsing any other skincare products or services or starting my own.”

The scheme appeared on a bogus website named Entertainment Today, published a fake article—with a clear clickbait header—about Lea’s departure from show business because she was supposedly axed from her show, The Voice, because her building a “skin-care empire” posed a conflict of interest with the show.

Notifications of this fake news, with equally fake URL, will just randomly appear on one’s feed and clicking on it will lead you to a skin-care site, that cited and quoted not just Lea but also the likes of Sarah Geronimo, Marian Rivera, and Angel Locsin.

The article partly read: “Lea Salonga, the 48-year old Philippine superstar surprised the whole country by announcing her departure of the show, especially since the last season has been the most popular ever. According to some insider sources, sponsors of the show invested millions to get their products promoted on "The Voice" and all these sponsors (including ‘The Voice’) itself are furious with Lea. What's the reason? She was working on her own skin-care empire in the meantime.”

It also states that the “groundbreaking” skin-care product that the artist now proudly owns is called Auvela.

Actress Carmina Villarroel called out the same “brand” in November last year as this same brand also used the same “quitting showbiz” fake slant on her.

Lea concluded her IG post with this: “Whoever dreamed that up is a team of mother***ckers with way too much time on their hands. Thanks for your time.”


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On Lea’s comment section on IG, news presenter and TV journalist Karen Davila couldn't help but feel the same sentiments as she was also once a victim.


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