Lauren Young chides DJ Loonyo and his take on the use of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic; claps back at bashers defending his statement

Lauren Young slams DJ Loonyo for his statement on the use of masks amidst the COVID-19 pandemic!

PHOTOS: @lo_young (L) and @djloonyo (R) on Instagram

Lauren Young slams DJ Loonyo for his statement on the use of masks amidst the COVID-19 pandemic!

Kapuso star Lauren Young yesterday, June 4, took a swipe at DJ Loonyo for his statement on using face masks amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a video shared by a netizen, DJ Loonyo questioned the use of face masks on a daily basis, pressing the need to inhale oxygen.

“Sang-ayon ako doon na---the more you wear the mask na nakaganoon parati, kumbaga iniinhale mo ang sarili mong utot,” he said in a Facebook live stream with fellow dancer Mr. Mainit last June 3. “Kaya mo nga nilalabas ’yon, eh. Kaya mo nga nilalabas ’yon kasi hindi kailangan ng katawan mo ’yon. Kailangan mo ng oxygen.”

“Ngayon, ang iniinhale mo, ’yong poison ’yong iniinhale mo sa katawan mo and it makes your immune system weak,” he went on. “We’re not against the mask. We are saying [...] na sa haba ng panahon na kakasuot mo ng mask, iniinhale mo ’yong sarili mong utot. So, if I were you, ibaba mo siya, ipapahinga mo ’yong sarili mo. Uminhale ka ng tama. Hindi tayo against sa mask. Ang sa atin lang, ire-reduce mo lang ’yong kaka-wear mo ng kaka-wear kasi iniinhale mo ’yong sarili mong utot.”

Lauren shared the video and slammed DJ Loonyo for his statement, asking in jest if he is also a flat-earther.

“Omg i just saw this!! Ang bobo shet ang bobo. Flatearther ka rin ba koyah??” the actress tweeted, which received over 20,000 likes, as of writing.

In another tweet, she added that Loonyo just wanted to sound smart, but “lacks the patience to sit, read, and understand.”

“Gusto lang magkaroon ng opinion for the sake of it? Mapakita lang yung bigdickenergy. Like LOOK AT ME IM SMART.” Lauren said.

She also advised people to simply ask if they are not informed about a certain issue.

“Easy lang naman eh, if you don’t know or aren’t sure about what you’re talking about then simply ask! There’s no harm in asking, if anything masmaiinform ka pa nga eh,” she said. “Only a person with a huge ego would be scared to ask. You’re taking the opportunity to learn away from yourself!”

Her set of tweets were met with mixed reactions, with some praising her statement, reiterating that people should “normalize asking questions.”

However, some fans of DJ Loonyo bashed the actress for her statements, which prompted her to answer back.


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