Kyle Echarri shows support for Julia Barretto; “Never let the ‘talks’ bring you down.”

Kyle gave pieces of advice to Julia and called on other to respect her.

PHOTO: @kyleecharri on IG

Kyle gave pieces of advice to Julia and called on other to respect her.

Kadenang Ginto star Kyle Echarri took to Instagram to express his support for his dear friend, Julia Barretto, who has been caught up in a huge controversy for the past few months. 

The actor recently uploaded a photo with Julia, which was taken during Lorin Gutierrez’s star-studded 16th birthday bash held over the weekend. 

The said photo went viral instantly and received mixed reactions from Kyle’s massive followers. 

Julia and Kyle’s photo in itself was a surprise to many. And it even attracted more online attention when Kyle penned a message for Julia in the caption, writing: “Glad to know you. You are one amazing & strong woman.

“Never let the ‘talks’ bring you down. Not everyone will be willing to lend their ears but the truth will always be your greatest weapon. Never lose that beautiful smile. There are so many of us who want to see you happy. Thank you for everything ❤️.”

The 16-year-old Kapamilya artist was even bold enough to welcome judgements upon posting his message of support to the beleaguered actress. 

“You can judge me however you’d like for simply being a good friend and I don’t mind that, my friends know how I am with them.”

He added: “But I despise people who judge women and disrespect them just because they feel they are entitled to say whatever they want not thinking of how it’ll affect others and worst, judging & making assumptions, even when they don’t personally know them. It’s not a good habit, it is rude and really a representation of who they are.”

Aside from giving Julia pieces of advice, he also encouraged others to respect the actress for they don’t know her personally. 

“Learn to respect. It is not hard to do.”


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