Kisses Delavin hints she will be paired with another Kapamilya actor

Kisses Delavin on DonKiss loveteam: “Just because it ended, doesn’t mean it wasn’t good”

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Kisses Delavin on DonKiss loveteam: “Just because it ended, doesn’t mean it wasn’t good”

Kisses Delavin, the other half of the former loveteam tandem known as the DonKiss, with actor Donny Pangilinan as the other half,  appeared on Tonight With Boy Abunda (TWBA) last night, September 5, after a short showbiz hiatus. 

In the Kapamilya artist’s one-on-one interview with host Boy Abunda, which was uploaded on YouTube earlier today, Kisses finally clarified the real status of the DonKiss tandem.

“Tito Boy, I think pag nagkita kami we will be totally friendly with each other pa rin, mag hi-hi kami.” Kisses explained during the interview. “Pero we don’t have upcoming projects anymore. I think different na ’yong career path ng bawat isa pero I’ve been very thankful...and vocal naman ako na thankful ako kasi naging masaya naman talaga ’yong DonKiss journey.” 

She added, “Just because it ended, doesn’t mean it wasn’t good.”

To which Tito Boy agreed, “I like that line. Hindi nangangahulugan na nagtapos na that it wasn’t good. Because some good things…”

“Must come to an end, to make way for better things.” Kisses continued, still smiling. 

Almost four months ago on June 16, Kisses surprised her fans when she released a public statement via her social media accounts admitting that the DonKiss loveteam “has long been over.” In that same statement, she also revealed that there was an on-going shipment between Donny and another girl resulting to an alleged “fandom war”. 

Donny broke his silence four days after Kisses announced the end of their loveteam. At that time, the actor was also shocked by Kisses’ sudden announcement, saying, “Regarding the statement, I’ll be honest, it was a surprise. To my understanding, the partnership was still under review because of different expectations, with no final decision yet.”

Since then, there were no confirmation that the onscreen partnership of the two was already over. They just started appearing separately on TV guestings and shows hinting and fans seem to take their hints from those.

But everything seems clearer now as Kissed announced, also on TWBA, that she will soon be paired-up with a new Kapamilya artist.

“Well, I can’t say anything about that yet Tito Boy. Meron po, ’yon talaga ’yong plan.”

And with that, we bid adieu to the DonKiss loveteam. 


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