Kathryn Bernardo turns 23 with wonderful musings

PHOTO: @bernardokath on Instagram

PHOTO: @bernardokath on Instagram

Kathryn Bernardo welcomed 23 years of age in the best way possible—a dreamy photoshoot with the celebrity favorite photographer Shaira Luna and wonderful musings to share with her followers. 

Kath released a teaser photo with the said photoshoot before her actual birthday arrives.


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Last March 26, Kath’s birthday, she posted a photo of her but nothing much is indicated in her caption. Looks like she just wanted to let the photo speak for itself.


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Finally, she released a short video from her book-themed birthday shoot with a slow dreamy melody in the background.

“Ready to turn over a new leaf! Thank you @shairaluna for capturing this moment a few days before I officially turned a year older (and wiser, I hope).” she noted.

The Kapamilya actress also talked about some of the society’s expectation once young girls enter womanhood.

On her instagram post she wrote, “So many people have so many expectations about what it really means to enter womanhood, specifically about how one should dress, talk, or behave in general.”

Kath’s birthday musings caught the attention of her fans and even love her for it.  

She said, “I don't know about any of these things, but I do know I want to define womanhood on my own terms. For me, it means being able to move at my own pace, feeling more comfortable in my own skin, embracing my flaws, and not having to explain to anyone why I am what I am.”


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On a separate post, she continued to be hopeful for a future where she can take care of the people she loves, balance work and play and relish moment while it lasts. She also extended her thanks to her friends, celebrities and fans who remembered her special day.


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