Julia Barretto got bashed after rumored breakup with Joshua Garcia

PHOTOS: @juliabarretto on Instagram

PHOTOS: @juliabarretto on Instagram

Julia Barreto is presently the target of intense online bashing after seemingly confirming her breakup with on and off-screen partner, Joshua Garcia

It all started when she appeared in the vlog entry of fellow actress, Erich Gonzales, which was uploaded last May 31. 

Erich, her best friend, prepared a series of questions for Julia about love and her life in general where she had to respond with true or false statements. 

When asked whether Julia was currently in love, she appeared startled with the question. Nonetheless, she answered it with “true.” 

Expounding, she said, “I am very much in love with the peace I have gained just recently. It’s not with anybody… Sorry, I’m not trying to say I’m not in love with anybody. I’m just in love with the peace that I gained.”

Therereafter, Julia began talking about toxic people she has in her life disturbing her inner peace. 

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“Minsan may mga nakakasama ka na hindi mo na alam na iyon pala ’yong nag-di-disturb ng inner peace mo. There are some toxic people na you still entertain in the hopes na, sana hindi siya ’yong nag-di-disturb ng peace mo.”

She went on: “Sometimes you have to come face-to-face with reality and with the fact na there are some people who really disturb that peace. It takes a lot of courage and strength to acknowledge that fact. Sometimes you have to choose ’yong pangmatagalan, your own good, ’yong nakakabuti sa soul mo,”

Julia explained more about how feeding one’s soul can manifest in a person’s behavior and later on mentioned how much she’s in love with herself right now. 

“It’s been good at work, it’s been good with my friendships with other people, and my relationship with my family. Sila ang unang-unang makakapagsabi if you’re being yourself. For a while kasi, hindi na ako myself. So now, I’m in love with the person that I am, that I found.”

The 22-year-old artist’s answer surprised her fans and netizens because all throughout the video, Julia didn’t mention, even once, the name of her boyfriend Joshua when topics about love, marriage, and trust were brought up. The gesture, observers deemed, was way different from the couple’s vocal admiration with each other in the past.

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As a result, Julia had to deal with public scrutiny on her Instagram account over their rumored split-up. Bashers flocked the comment section of her latest post, where she simply said: “If I could turn back time, you can find me here.”


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The accompanying photos, showed Julia promoting good vibes. But she didnt seem to get that in return.


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