Judy Ann Santos pens a sweet birthday message for son Lucho

Judy Ann Santos greets her son Lucho a happy birthday by writing a sweet message to him.

PHOTO: @officialjuday on IG

Judy Ann Santos greets her son Lucho a happy birthday by writing a sweet message to him.

Actress Judy Ann Santos greeted her son Lucho a happy birthday on her Instagram earlier today. And in her post, she expressed how much she’s blessed to have him as her child.

As Lucho turned nine years old today, his momma dedicated a heartfelt birthday message to him writing, “My dearest Lucho, Oh how time flies so fast.. a year older but definitely always a year wiser, smarter, kinder..”

She added: “How you genuinely care not only to us but to everyone around you.. how patient you are when it comes to your sisters, i love it when you wake me up every morning to join you for breakfast.. how your not ashamed to hug and kiss me and daddy even in front of your friends.. all these and more amazes us my love.. ❤️❤️.”

After listing some of the things she loved about Lucho, the mother of three promised to support her son all the way. And even said her good luck to Lucho’s future girlfriend!

“We must’ve done something very good that God blessed us with a wonderful human being.. we love you so much kuya..”

“I promise to be there with you every step of the wAy.. until you reach your dreams.. (goodluck sa magiging girlfriend mo 😆) happy birthday my love! ❤️❤️ #lucho9th.”

On a separate post, Juday shared how they had a simple birthday celebration for Lucho last Saturday, September 5. Although it’s not too fancy, it was everything for Lucho as he spent his day with his family, closest friends and football teammates.

Juday wrote on that post, “Simple celebration for our dear kuya with his closest friends and team mates. Super awesome cake by ms @penkching ❤️❤️ and cute soccer bean bags by @arteegram_manila ! Thanks so much!.”

Meanwhile, Ryan Agoncillo also uploaded two consecutive posts about his son Lucho for his birthday on his Instagram feed.

First, he posted a video of Lucho who appeared on fire while playing football against “bigger men” for the first time. And in that same video, the Eat Bulaga host can be heard cheering for his child on the background.

The video was captioned: “so, a day before he turns 9 years old, he was lined up for the 2nd time by his coach, @justdoitjason , to be a sub for the very talented @bohemiansportingclub U11 team at the @yflph league. one division up. bigger opponents. bigger pitch.

“it’s my first time watching him play up with an older squad. At first, i thought he scored off a fantastic pass from his idol and solid seven brother @leowesome but no

“At U11, they start calling offsides. next time out, he makes adjustments, and finally, he finds the back of the net! Gol! Lucci! Lucci! Lucci! #storiesforlucho.”


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After supporting and watching his son’s game, he then posted a photo of Lucho busy playing his video game with a caption, “Happy Birthday Bud👊🏽.”


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Happiest Birthday, handsome Lucho!


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