JM De Guzman shares how he deals with early morning attacks from his panic disorder

JM De Guzman shared to his followers how he deals with panic attacks!

PHOTO: Adam Laurena (L); SCREENSHOT: @1migueldeguzman on Instagram (R)

JM De Guzman shared to his followers how he deals with panic attacks!

On Monday, August 17, JM De Guzman took to Instagram to share a video of how he deals with attacks caused by his panic disorder.

The video showed the actor putting ice covered in a towel over his head.

"This is what my panic disorder looks like 400 am middle of a good sleep. intense waves of emotions. rapid heartbeat thatll make you feel you are about to pass out or die," he described.

JM said he used ice to slow down the intense heart beat and to feel his face as the overpowering emotions caused his body to go numb.

"this maybe caused by a painful trauma in the past," he explained. "I managed to record this because somehow I'm learning to cope with it and just hoping others might relate and to let you know that you're not alone."

He reiterated to use ice and put it on the face, head, hand, and body while praying and doing deep breaths.

"[M]ake the people around you understand ur condition and tell them to stop asking questions and just be there," JM advised. "So the attack will subside rather than triggered."

He concluded the post by telling his followers who are suffering the same to keep telling themselves that "it will be over" and "it will be just fine."


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It was back in November 2015 when JM opened up about his mental health problems, consisting of anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, he issued an apology for his "bad behavior" on set, causing him to be dropped out of the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival entry Walang Forever.

"I lost control with myself again. And I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart. That was uncalled for. But I am ok now. Peace," he said in the post.


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