Jimmy Bondoc calls “the biggest TV network” a “snake pit,” Angel Locsin disagrees

PHOTOS: @therealangellocsin (L) & @jimmybondoc (R) on Instagram

PHOTOS: @therealangellocsin (L) & @jimmybondoc (R) on Instagram

Singer-songwriter Jimmy Bondoc freely expressed his disgust over the alleged political and sexual favors done by the “biggest TV network” in the country on social media last night, May 22.

On Facebook, the musician went on to talk about how the network, which he didn’t name, allegedly ruined the nation’s arts and culture, sold their news to highest bidders, granted power to foreign groups, pre-determined contest winners and manipulated their shows.  Netizens believe Jimmy is pertaining to ABS-CBN.

There, he wrote, “I am so excited to see the biggest tv network close down. This company is a snake pit, where success is based on politics and sexual favors. NOBODY dares to talk about it because they either benefit from it, or they would rather not have them as enemies.

“Read before you judge me.

“ART and CULTURE have been ruined by this network. Our moral fiber as a nation, too. Wide-eyed kids seek dreams and fall in line, not knowing the hell that their lives will be plunged into.

“They have contests where the winners have been predetermined, or are manipulated to suit the whims of the hidden bosses.

“Their news is for sale, highest bidder gets the slant. And foreign groups are usually the victors.

Due to all the alleged injustices done by the unnamed network, as the artist claimed, he has high hopes for its shut down.

“I AM EAGERLY AWAITING YOUR DEMISE. I know how this sounds. And I know the nasty comments which are bound to come. I don't care. If you think COMELEC is bad, wait until you see the real machinery that is known as ‘the biggest network.’

“This is not schadenfreude. This is hope! This is for real change. You have COUNTLESS VICTIMS, from sexual harassment to plain and simple bullying.

“I am so happy that your time has come.”


I am so excited to see the biggest tv network close down. This company is a snake pit, where success is based on...

Posted by Jimmy Bondoc on Wednesday, May 22, 2019


It may be recalled that ABS-CBn has an oustanding threat of non-renewal of franchice from no less than President Rodrigo Duterte, after an ill-fated advertising deal during the latter’s presidentail campaign in 2016.

Jimmy’s post gained mixed reactions from the Netizens and one of them is from acclaimed actress Angel Locsin, who tends to disagree with the musician, who also happens to the Assistant Vice President for Entertainment of PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation).

The General’s Daughter leading actress, who did not address Jimmy directly, took to Twitter today, May 23, to air her views regarding the musician’s FB post. 

But Angel, having used a few lines from Jimmy’s original song “Let Me Be the One,” gave the public a clue. In her tweet, she pointed out the possible consequence to a good number of people if the network closes down. 

Angel tweeted, “Let me be the one to break this news to you so you don’t have to make excuses. The network might not be perfect but for you to be happy about thousands of people losing their jobs is pure evil. Maybe you’re just having a bad day. I will pray for you.”

The Kapamilya artist also revoked the idea that it is a must to engage in any sexual favor to be successful.

She added: “Nung sumikat ka ba may na experience ka na sexual harassment? If yes i encourage you and all the victims to report this to the police. But generalizing that sexual favor is a prerequisite to success is just wrong.”

In return, Jimmy, who decided to directly address Angel, posted his reply explaining that his post is not meant for the artists or the employees of the network but to its flawed system.  

He said on his subsequent FB post early today: “Mam Angel,

“1) all due respect to you;

“2) In my opinion, it was not a generalization, but rather a recognition of its existence. However, generalized or not, one case of verified harassment is one too many, personal or not;

“3) it is not about ‘pagsikat.’ It is more about many people who do NOT make it because they do not acquiesce;

“4) I do not believe na ‘sumikat’ po ako, and I think this is beside the point.

“5) Filing a case under Art. 245 or 336 is not an option for most artists who are usually too young to know better. There are social repercussions that a teen or 20-something year old would not be equipped to handle.

“There is a case filed now, as far as I know, by a more known personality. But the case might not be open for discussion being sub judice.

“To be clear, the post was not meant to apply to the artists or the hapless employees. It is about the system, and the consequences of the unwarranted benefits that I BELIEVE this network has received from past administrations. But of course, I expected the negative reactions. So be it.”


Mam Angel, 1) all due respect to you; 2) In my opinion, it was not a generalization, but rather a recognition of its...

Posted by Jimmy Bondoc on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

And as his final words, he left a question for Angel to answer: “Mam Angel, isang huling sagot po. At pasensya na, hindi ako ma Twitter masyado. At kung sino man ang maka basa nito, paki send na lang po kay Mam, with all due respect:

“1) Why would I be happy for loss of jobs? That is a false assumption. Kayo po ang nag-generalize, hindi ako. When a network (any network) closes, it can mean a change of management or ownership.

“Ibig po sabihin, deserving employees would probably be retained. Therefore, there is nothing in my post that connotes happiness over the termination of employees, but rather, the termination of the network's system;

“2) Thank you for your prayers, although I am not having a bad day. But prayers are always needed especially if sincere.

“3) let me ask: if u acknowledge the imperfection of the network, do you have any comments on the acquisition of ownership by its current owners in light of the allegations that it was transferred to them to the disadvantage of the government?

“Salamat po.”


Mam Angel, isang huling sagot po. At pasensya na, hindi ako ma Twitter masyado. At kung sino man ang maka basa nito,...

Posted by Jimmy Bondoc on Wednesday, May 22, 2019



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