Jake Zyrus is all for SOGIE bill if it contributes to everyone, not just one group

Jake Zyrus is all for the Anti-Discrimination Bill as long as it positively affects every person in the country, not just one group. Know more about his stand by reading below!

PHOTO: Adam Laurena

Jake Zyrus is all for the Anti-Discrimination Bill as long as it positively affects every person in the country, not just one group. Know more about his stand by reading below!

Yesterday, September 4, Jake Zyrus appeared in a press conference for his upcoming album Evolution, his first album as a proud transman. Members of the press got a sneak peek of his brand new songs, including DNM, Love Even If, and Tapestry, the latter a duet with his aunt Ria.

During the question-and-answer portion of the presscon, apart from his album, Jake was also asked about his thoughts on different social issues surrounding the LGBT community, including his stand on the SOGIE bill. He admitted that he is confused as to what his real stand is.

The SOGIE bill, or the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression Equality bill, is proposed legislation to prevent any oppression or any forms of discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression.

Nalilito ako kasi minsan nararamdaman ko--hindi sa lahat, but some take advantage of what it really means,” Jake explained. “Para sa akin discrimination, ’di ba? Pero para sa akin kasi, when you talk about the SOGIE, when you hear SOGIE, ’pag nakikita ko ’yun, para sa lahat eh. Ang problema when you mention that, it only focuses on one group.”

The singer-songwriter admits that he does not like it when it is only one certain group that dominates the bill. He says he agrees if it is for the betterment of every person in society, not just of one group.

“If this SOGIE bill will be good for everybody, not just LGBT, kung lahat makikinabang dito, kung mawawala ’yong discrimination, kung mawawala ’yong domination o ‘sa amin lang ’to’ o ‘para sa amin to’ o ‘para sa inyo ’to’, then I am all for it,” he said. “But if this bill is going to be taken advantage of, doon mo masasabing mali talaga. This is not about who you are anymore, this is about how you treat each other.”

He adds that in order for this country to be good, we all should treat ourselves equally. However, he believes that equality nowadays only goes to one side.

“As long as hindi nagkakaroon ng [equality], we can’t pass any bill regarding discrimination and anything kasi kahit ipasa ’yan, kahit ma-approve na ’yan, hanggat walang nakakaintindi surely at hindi equal ang lahat, wala rin ’yan. Wala ring silbi ’yong bill.”

He ends his statement by saying that equality should come with us, even without the SOGIE bill.

“If we treat each other, we understand each other, kahit hindi mo ko tanggap pero respetuhin mo ko, re-respetuhin kita,” he concludes on his stand on SOGIE bill. “That’s exactly how it is. We don’t have to accept each other. Just respect each other. As long as hindi natin natututunan ’yan dito sa country natin, hindi mag ma-matter ’yong bill. It’s all about us.”

Watch Jake’s full answer below!


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