How Kyle Echarri and Seth Fedelin romantically invited Francine Diaz and Andrea Brillantes as their respective dates at the ABS-CBN Ball?

Are you excited to see SethDrea and KyCine grace the red carpet of ABS-CBN Ball? Gold Squad for the win!

PHOTOS: @kyleecharri and @imsethfedelin on Instagram

Are you excited to see SethDrea and KyCine grace the red carpet of ABS-CBN Ball? Gold Squad for the win!

Kadenang Ginto stars Kyle Echarri and Seth Fedelin are finally set to walk down the ABS-CBN Ball red carpet, of course, with their beautiful dates by their side. 

These young lads went extra romantic in mounting their surprise ball proposal to their respective dates!

Kyle took to Instagram earlier today to share with his followers his perfect ball proposal to his on-screen partner Francine Diaz. The two are known for their uniname KyCine. 

Kyle uploaded his oh-so-sweet proposal photos with Francine and her family. And it looks like the teen star went all the way to Francine’s hometown in Cavite to personally ask Francine’s parents to allow her to go to the said ball with him. 

Kyle appeared wearing a white shirt with the words “Will you be my date at the ball?” written on it. And Francine’s response was a yes as she drew a heart shape inside the box that says ‘Yes’ on Kyle’s shirt. 

The photos were captioned: “3 YES & a 💜 #AboutLastNight.”

Kyle added: “It took me awhile to decide on the right place and time to do the date proposal but it only took me a second to know it is YOU I want to take to the ball.

“So many occasions I could have done it but something always came up. So many nights thinking how I’d pull it through then realized I can’t let it stall any longer, so I decided however it’ll end up & wherever it’ll be, I’d do it for I want your first ball to be with me. #Harana.”

As it turned out, it is Francine’s first-ever ABS-CBN Ball and Kyle admitted that he felt honored to be her first date. 

“Thank you for the honor of being your date to your first ABS-CBN Ball. It is my first too, with a date 😊I’d want this to be special for the both of us. Let’s make memories of the wonderful night it would be; YOU & ME with everyone in our ABS-CBN family. #KYCINEToABSCBNBall2019.”

Kyle then went on to thank Francine’s mom and dad for saying yes as well. 

“And ofcourse, THANK YOU Tito Michael & Tita Merrdick for giving me your permission to ask Chin to be my date for the ball. Being it’s my first time doing all these, I literally had butterflies in my stomach and found myself lost in the song. But YES! I pulled it through and all because CHIN, I’d really like to #MakeItWithYou 💜.

“P.S. Sorry naisturbo ko ang tulog ninyo 🙏”


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Meanwhile, Francine also took her time to thank Kyle via Instagram, writing, “Thank you for serenading me, I never thought someone would do that for me but you did. You make me happy. 😊 P.S We'll make it together 💜.”


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Seth, for his part, successfully executed his bombshell proposal towards Andrea Brillantes last August 21. 

And he totally earned a resounding ‘yes’ from Andrea as she was so close to tears while she entered a room full of red balloons attached on the ceiling and rose petals and candles which formed a Cupid’s heart on the floor. 

SethDrea, as their fans fondly call them,  just made us feel so kilig with their touching proposal video posted via Instagram.  

His dreamy proposal post on Instagram was captioned: “Salamat marga este ms. @blythe sa pagpayag na maging kapartner ko sa darating na AbsCbn Ball. At lagi mong tatandaan Kahit na anong sabihin ng iba respeto ko sa iyo ay kailanman hindi mawawala.”


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Andrea, on the other hand, admitted that it was her first time experiencing that kind of surprise and that she would never have turned down Seth’s ball invitation. 

She wrote on her IG post: “First time experiencing a surprise like this!! Thank you potchi! @imsethfedelin 😭🥰 syempre di naman ako tatanggi maging partner mo sa Abs Cbn ball lakas mo sakin eh 💚 ( swipe for more ).”


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The annual ABS-CBN Ball is set to happen on September 14. 

Are you excited to see SethDrea and KyCine grace the red carpet of ABS-CBN Ball? Gold Squad for the win!


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