Gary V is cancer free! Colleagues spread positive messages

PHOTO: @garyvalenciano on Instagram

PHOTO: @garyvalenciano on Instagram

It was yesterday, July 4, when “Mr. Pure Energy” Gary Valenciano announced on his social media platforms that he is already free of cancer.

The multi-awarded singer-songwriter shared the good news with his fans through a video presentation.


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It could be remembered back in May 2018 when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The condition was revealed to him as he was healing from a bypass procedure done weeks after.

“A few weeks later, on June 13, 2018 I underwent surgery to remove the cancer of my kidney,” Valenciano stated in the video.

After undergoing an annual check up, Valenciano proudly announced that he is cancer free.

“Battling with type-1 diabetes, then a bypass, and kidney cancer...I’m still here,” he said. “...and He has been faithful, as ever. Indeed there is absolutely nothing impossible with God.”

The singer-dancer then took the opportunity to thank his family, doctors, relatives, close friends, and churches for the support they have given in the difficult time he faced.

Fellow celebrity colleagues Vina Morales, Sitti Navarro, Dawn Zulueta and K Brosas then gave nothing but positive comments towards Gary Vs announcement.

“God is good,” Gary ended the video with.

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