EXCLUSIVE: Marco Gumabao puts the ‘pro’ in productive and tells us how he kills time in the Luzon-wide quarantine

Marco Gumabao shows us how he keeps productive during this time of isolation because of the Luzon-wide quarantine! Check out his answers by scrolling down below!

PHOTOS: @gumabaomarco on Instagram (L) and Courtesy of Marco Gumabao (R)

Marco Gumabao shows us how he keeps productive during this time of isolation because of the Luzon-wide quarantine! Check out his answers by scrolling down below!

Ever since President Rodrigo Duterte placed the entirety of Luzon in enhanced community quarantine last March 16 due to the threats imposed by the deadly virus COVID-19 in the Philippines, people have not only been keeping their safety but also finding the time to stay productive while stuck in the confines of their own home.

Whether it is reading a book that has been stuck on the shelf for quite some time, finding a new hobby, or simply hitting the couch and binge-watching some television series and movies, people have been finding ways to ease boredom, even your favorite celebrities.

When you check their social media accounts, celebrities have been posting left and right of what they have been doing at home ever since the quarantine commenced, inspiring their followers to do the same.

For that reason, pikapika.ph caught up with hunk actor Marco Gumabao to ask what he has been doing at home since being in quarantine. In an online interview, the Hindi Tayo Pwede lead star talked about how the nationwide event affected his life, so far, including what plans he had to cancel and where dreams to go if it was not for being in quarantine.

Check out Marco’s answers below and who knows? He might inspire you to be fruitful in this time of isolation. Stay safe, everyone!

pikapika.ph: What do you do to keep yourself sane while stuck in quarantine?

Marco: “Being in community quarantine is really hard. It could get a bit boring, so I make it a point to work out every day and read a book. I also watch movies every night with my mom and sister.”

Are you learning a new skill right now?

“I actually tried yoga for the first time. I also started painting some parts of the house.” 

Are there any vacation plans that you postponed/canceled due to the virus?

“I had plans to go to [the] US this April for vacation, but I had to refund my ticket because of the virus.” (Marco previously told us in an interview for his Spotlight feature that he planned to go to Coachella, an annual music and arts festival in California supposedly taking place in April, all by himself. However, because of the COVID-19 crisis, the festival was moved to the later date of October.)

Who is your quarantine buddy?

“My mom and my sister.”

For you, what are the perks of staying at home?

“[There is] no need to pick what outfit you’re gonna use next. [Also], less gastos kasi no more eating out.” 

What is the first thing you will do when the whole world is already COVID-19 free?

“Thank God for getting us through this tough time.”

Do you have any Netflix movie/series recommendations to watch while stuck in quarantine?

“Just A Stranger! And all other Viva movies! 😆”

How do you keep yourself healthy these days? 

“I’m currently following a diet plan to keep me in shape. I also do home workouts so I don’t gain too much weight.”

If you will be given a chance to go anywhere right now, where would you go? Why?

“I would go to the beach! Any beach, actually. I’d rather be stuck there during quarantine.”

What do you do to help people in need during this time of crisis?

“I’ve donated money and food to fundraising programs for our frontliners.”

Do you still take daily showers while stuck at home? 

I shower twice a day 😂 Ligo ligo din ’pag may time, guys!”

What particular food will you never get tired of eating during a lockdown? 


Are you reading any book right now? What is it about?

“Yup! The title is Under Cover by John Bevere. It’s a Christian book.”

If you will be stuck in quarantine for a day, who do you want to spend it with?

“My whole family.”


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