Exclusive: Ara Mina answers “IF” questions

Photos: Instagram

Photos: Instagram

In this time of quarantine, Ara Mina keeps herself busy by doing charity, connecting with loved ones, baking, exercising, taking photos and videos of her lovely daughter Amanda, and granting online interviews such as pikapika.ph’s random questions.

We sent her a few IF questions--the same batch of questions we sent to Pops Fernandez, Lotlot de Leon, and couple Gladys Reyes and Christopher Roxas—and here’s Ara’s version.


If a genie is granting you 3 wishes today, what would these 3 wishes be?

Stop and heal the people with covid -19 around the world

2.) Make all the people feel that happiness within—as in everybody. 

3.) Make me the richest person in the world cause i know in my heart that i will be able to help more people.


If you could invite 3 famous people to dinner tonight, who would they be and why did you choose them?

Oprah - Everyone loves her for being inspiring

2.) Queen Elizabeth - she is the most influential person I would love to meet.

3.) Pope Francis - I want to be blessed and feel God’s blessing thru his presence


If you can become obscenely wealthy, what weird eccentricities would you indulge in?

Ara: I want to close the Hong Kong Disneyland and bring all the street children there.


If you could accomplish simple tasks while sleeping and still get a good night’s sleep, what would you want your body to do while you were sleeping?

Ara: Baking  =) 


If you could go back and uninvent something, what invention would you erase from history?

Ara: Use of cellphone that displaced the value of family ties


If you could make any non-edible thing edible to humans, what would you choose? 

Ara: Trash cause that is one of the society’s most major concerns now.


If you could design a new holiday, what holiday would you create and what traditions would it have? 

Ara: Charities Day! When all the people will be out there to just give help and make other people happy.



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