Enrique Gil gushes over girlfriend Liza Soberano on IG

Where do you find a boyfriend like this?

PHOTO: @enriquegil17 on Instagram

Where do you find a boyfriend like this?

If you've been on social media at all in the past few days, you'll know that Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil have finally admitted that they're together. 

The stars of the romantic film Alone/Together admitted on the February 10 episode of Gandang Gabi Vice that they officially became a couple on October 2016. 

That means that today marks the couple's first-ever Valentine's Day after telling the public the real status of their relationship--and it seems like Enrique is so glad for it!

Earlier today, the good-looking actor posted a photo of Liza accompanied with a long caption detailing all the reasons why he loves her. 


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He started his caption by saying: "Hayy kung ganyan nmn ako makikita ko araw araw mababaliw talaga ako 🥰 Happy Valentine’s Day to this gorgeous woman over here who stole my heart."

Quen added: "❤️ For once im happy i was stolen☺️ Baby You are my heart, my soul and the blood that flows in me I don’t think any words in ig can really fit in what i feel for you. 

"But One thing i do know is that i am the luckiest guy in the world and i am forever grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for giving me the most precious gift of all," he said. 

"Napaka swerte ko talaga 😊 because this woman right here has the biggest heart in the universe and i want to share you to the whole world so that they can feel the love and happiness that you bring me. 

"Pero minsan lng nmn madamot ako gusto ko sakin lang hehe joke! You give me hope every single day. when i feel down I always go to you and instantly im up again."

The lovestruck actor ended his Valentine's Day note by saying: "I just can’t live without you and i will always love you no matter what baby😚 happy valentines day bubu ko! I love you so much, always and forever🤗❤️."




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