Edward thinks Maymay has director's eye

PHOTOS: Adam Laurena (L) and @maymay on Instagram (R)

PHOTOS: Adam Laurena (L) and @maymay on Instagram (R)

It was yesterday, July 11, when MYX Philippines announced its newest set of VJs. Apart from the finalists of the 2019 MYX VJ Search and singer-songwriter Ylona Garcia, actor and recording artist Edward Barber was announced as part of the fresh talents that will host the various shows of the music channel.

With one half of the MayWard tandem all set as a MYX VJ, what does his other half Maymay Entrata think of his recent achievement?


Sobrang supportive [niya], because she knows I’ve always wanted to do this,” Edward said of Maymay. “When I guested before as a MYX celebrity VJ, she did it before me so she experienced it all before me. [...] She’s really supportive and, until now, she’s there.”

Yet, Maymay does not sugarcoat with her support. According to the young actor, Maymay is also one of his biggest critics.

“Ano ba ‘yan? Parang ang stiff mo naman!” Edward recalls Maymay saying after one of his performances. “She’s really serious, and she’s always there.”

When asked if Maymay gave any advice to Edward when it comes to being a VJ and as a host, in general, her number one tip is to always listen.

“My problem, especially before, when you’re a host, you try and always have questions,” Edward said. “So, instead of listening, you’re thinking about your next reply. So, when you say that question, ang weird. Parang hindi connected sa conversation. So, ‘yun ang advice niya. Makinig ka sa guest mo, sa nangyayari sa paligid mo.”

Edward then told the press how both him and Maymay are critics to each other’s work, with good intentions at heart.

“We want to bring each other up, so if Maymay does something, I’ll always be there to support her but I’ll critique her,” Edward explained. “Noong First Love, first thing she talked to me about after the screening was [...] ‘Feeling ko ‘yung eksena na ‘yan, first day mo pa ‘yan, noh? Nakita ko medyo ‘di ka pa nag-adjust kay Sir Aga [Muhlach] so she knows me too well. She has a director’s eye, I feel.”

He takes no offense with Maymay’s criticism, taking it as a sign of growth and development towards his performances.

“You have to swallow your pride sometimes,” the MYX VJ told the press. “You have to learn to block the useless criticism that’s just to insult you and [listen to] the people who are critiquing you in order to get better. That’s the process of getting better.”


Will Edward shift his entire focus on being a full-time MYX VJ now?

“This morning, we just finished the last day of Hiwaga Ng Kambat. That’s a big milestone for me already.” he revealed. “It was the hardest role I’ve ever had. I’m really thankful to the production, the crew and everything, but hindi ibig sabihin na [dahil] mag-ho-host ako, titigil na ‘yong ibang areas. I’m still working on being better in acting. Ayoko na ‘yong next project ko na ganoon pa rin ‘yong level ko sa pag Ta-tagalog at pag-aarte.

Yet, as Hiwaga Ng Kambat closes its curtains, Edward said he wanted to take a bit of rest from other projects.

“I don’t believe in doing tons of projects [na] sunod-sunod,” he said. “I believe na ma-plateau ‘yung skill level mo. For me, I believe that you have to step back, evaluate what you did, take your learnings, swallow it, grow. I want to do a lot of workshops at the moment. Hindi pa perfect ‘yong Tagalog ko. So, I’m still not at that level where I want to be at in Tagalog, as well as acting.”

He believes that acting workshops will help him improve, not just with his skills as an actor, but as host, as well.

“The more you open up as a person, the more you are comfortable with yourself, with your emotions, your mind, your heart, your morals in general, the better host you become.” the actor concluded.

For the full clip of the interview, watch below!



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