Edward Barber is your newest MYX VJ!

PHOTOS: Adam Laurena

PHOTOS: Adam Laurena

It was a surprise at the MYX press conference earlier today, July 11, when VJs Ai and Samm announced that Fil-Brit actor and host Edward Barber is part of the roster of newest MYX VJs to catch on television.

Waving to the crowd, Edward arrived all smiles and immediately expressed how he wanted to be part of the MYX family ever since his short stint as celebrity VJ for the month of October.

“It’s said all the time in different projects na parang we became a family, we became really close,” Edward said. “Unang araw palang, sobrang nabigla ako kasi akala ko ako lang sa taping. Everyone was there pala. I met everyone. At that time, it really became the start of something new. It’s a time when you can feel already that it’s not just only gonna be about work, it’s gonna be more about having fun. ”

PHOTO: Adam Laurena

The other half of the MayWard tandem then explained that he wanted to be a VJ because it is far away from his comfort zone, saying that he still the shy and silent type.

“If you guys saw me a few years ago bago ako pumasok sa showbiz, I would be one of the people standing at the back,” the Fil-Brit recalled. “Mahiyain ako, tahimik ako. [...] I’m really happy and thankful that MYX took me on because if I was the boss, I wouldn’t be my first choice.”

And what can we expect from Edward when we see him host various MYX shows? He believes he will show a more chill, calm type of hosting.

Edward is surprised with a birthday cake by his MYX VJ family. PHOTO: Adam Laurena

“That’s more of who I am,” he explained. “I remember noong pumasok ako sa showbiz, when you’re not used to it, you think you have to adjust to yourself a lot. You have to be someone else. But, the mistake there is not you. People smell that, and you smell that so, dito, I’ll just try to be myself and grow.”

Yet, he still does not know what type of VJ he will be and says he will try to figure it out as time passes by.

Despite that, he believes that when he evolves as a MYX VJ, he thinks he will develop a more sensitive personality, especially when it comes to music.

“For MYX, I think I can bring a more sensitive side kasi mahirap din ipakita ‘yon minsan,” he revealed. “Maybe I’ll have a different view of things, an opinion about a song, a different way of understanding the lyrics.”

After the short interview, the MYX VJs then surprised Edward with a chocolate cake in advanced celebration of his birthday on July 15. Advanced happy birthday, Edward!

From left to right: Ai Dela Cruz, Dani Mortel, Aya Fernandez, Ylona Garcia, Edward Barber, Anton Fausto, and Samm Alvero. PHOTO: Adam Laurena

Edward Barber joins singer-songwriter Ylona Garcia and MYX VJ Search Finalists Anton Fausto, Dani Mortel, and Aya Fernandez as the new VJs for MYX Philippines. They will be hosting various programs of the music channel alongside senior VJs Robi Domingo, Ai Dela Cruz, and Samm Alvero.

Watch below for a clip of Edward’s interview with his fellow MYX VJs:


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