Donnalyn Bartolome makes “You-Do-Note Girl” Majo Lingat cry her eyes out

Pina-iyak ni Donnalyn si You-Do-Note-Girl Majo! Bakit kaya? Alamin by scrolling down below!

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Pina-iyak ni Donnalyn si You-Do-Note-Girl Majo! Bakit kaya? Alamin by scrolling down below!

Majo Lingat has been collaborating with everyone, as of late.

After her interview with MYX VJ Robi Domingo went viral, the 9-year-old, who went viral after impersonating famous, intense exchanges in the afternoon drama series Kadenang Ginto, appeared in the host’s vlog on YouTube where the latter took the former on a tour around the Art in Island Museum in Quezon City.

Two days ago, on the other hand, Lingat made an appearance in the vlog of actress-singer Donnalyn Bartolome, who recorded behind-the-scenes footage of the kiddie viral sensation’s make-up content for her own YouTube channel, which currently has over 16,000 subscribers after only — days of being created.

In Bartolome’s video, she planned to prank Lingat by making her cry on cam while they were doing the make-up tutorial video. Bartolome taught the child how to vlog until she pretended to be angry at Lingat for doing the famous Kadenang Ginto exchange at her.

Hindi niyo ba tinuturan ng tamang asal ’yong batang ’to?” Donnalyn asked Lingat’s manager. “Grabe naman ’tong batang ’to, bakit nagganito ’to, sir?

After a series of pretending tirades by Donnalyn, our resident You-Do-Note Girl began to tear up, believing Donnalyn’s anger to be real. When she began to cry, the Di Lahat singer then started to hug and apologize to the girl, who proceeded to cry even more.

In the end, Lingat forgave Donnalyn for making her cry, as she was seen smiling and playing with her phone again, with the latter plugging Lingat’s YouTube channel at the end of the video.

Donnalyn’s vlog with Lingat became the no. 2 trending video on YouTube today, September 12. Meanwhile, Lingat, who is an OoompTV talent, is gaining more subscribers on YouTube and has over 32,000 followers on Instagram.

What do you think of Donnalyn’s prank? Comment down below!


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