Direk Xian Lim posts speech during Cinemalaya premiere, showers with support from loved ones and celebrity colleagues

Xian Lim posted his inspiring speech on the premiere night of his full-length film as a director, Tabon!

PHOTOS: @xianlimm on Instagram (left) and Adam Laurena (right)

Xian Lim posted his inspiring speech on the premiere night of his full-length film as a director, Tabon!

Last night, August 7, the fruit of Xian Lim’s directorial debut bore as the crime-thriller Tabon premiered in the Cinemalaya screen at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) in Pasay. The film, written and directed by Lim, centers around a man named Ian (Christopher Roxas) who goes back into his childhood hometown to know the story behind his father’s death.

Before the movie would begin, director Xian made a speech, thanking the cast, crew, and supporters who made the film possible.

He first thanked moviegoers who braved the rain just to watch his film.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who came to our Gala night,” his speech began. “This is a very special night para po sa aming lahat at maski maulan at masama ang panahon, nag bigay kayo ng oras, at parte ng buhay ninyo para mapanood ang pelikula namin.

The actor-director then expressed his gratitude that his film became a finalist in the 15th Cinemalaya Film Festival.

“But tonight is not about me or even about the film we are about to show you,” he went on. “Tonight is all about the hardworking people involved in the process of making this film become a reality.”

He proceeded to call on every member of the cast and crew to grace the stage of the Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo of CCP like Roxas, Dexter Doria, Lao Rodriguez, and many others.

As the Tabon cast and crew waved to moviegoers, Xian continued with his speech by thanking all the people involved with the film who “jumped when I jumped, took a leap of faith, and trusted the vision I had in my heart”.

“To that, I say amen at mabuhay ang pelikulang Pilipino.” he concluded.

The next day, today, August 8, Xian posted the speech he made on Instagram. He dedicated the post to the people who worked hard to make the movie happen, after beginning such with a quote from British-Kenyan photojournalist Dan Eldon.

His post was flocked with support from fans and celebrity colleagues, including his girlfriend Kim Chiu.

SCREENSHOT: @xianlimm on Instagram
SCREENSHOT: @xianlimm on Instagram

Xian also posted a picture in the CCP with his mother and grandmother, who watched the film in support of him.


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